These trees are fast growers and typically multi-trunked. The taste of the plum fruit ranges from sweet to tart; the skin itself may be particularly tart. It is easily sweetened post-harvest and prepared into jams, jellies and preserves. The sand plum makes an interesting ornamental hedge or tree anywhere in hardiness zones 5 to 9. here in north central texas ….on the Red River…we have the “sand plumbs” or “cherry plumb”..small bush grows all along the road sides…sweet and early summer harvest…..but also have the Chockta or “hog” plumb…they grow like a standard fruit tree and have a dark fruit that is bitter ’till it falls from the tree….then is sweet flesh with tart skins…much like a precimon..that is about the ripeness……everyone has different names but I think everyone is talking of the same trees….hope the “hog” plums will make an o.k. Easily transplanted or grown from seed. The Chickasaw Plum can be hard to distinguish from the American Plum (Prunus americiana) as well as the Flatwood Plum (Prunus umbellata). Dip the trimmed, scored portion of the cutting in a liquid solution of root stimulator before potting. I chose this variety since I didn’t want the suckering problems associated with the Chickasaw plum. The Chickasaw plum (Prunus angustifolia) is also known as the Sandhill plum, Cherokee plum, Florida sand plum and mountain-cherry. Started each from seed. Jam is very good made from these and wine. The Flatwood is often a stand alone. Honestly, I don’t give a crap which one it is, as long as the fruit tastes good, because they are all equally edible; however, the Flatwood is known to be somewhat bitter on occasion. I’m a canner and have already started an orchard in the clearing, but would like some carefree fruit that I don’t need to spray. A beautiful healthy looking tree grew up but it has never flowered – so disappointing. My husband took down the original tree and I have one sapling in the front sure to have many more soon! But the flesh is delicious. Each tree has a different color of ripe fruit (purple, yellow, red). Short pieces no longer than 8 inches below ground and 12 inches above ground after potted My tree is a beautiful, healthy tree, in full sun and blooms every year. I have plenty of Chickasaw plum trees if someone would like to come get a few in Rocky Branch TX just email me. Small branches no larger than a pencil in diameter Large and thin-skinned with a soft juicy sweet pulp, it has a dlicious flavour and is very good eaten out of hand, whilst it can also be used in pies, preserves etc. I wonder if the people that are getting good fruit set from just one tree are getting cross-pollination from wild trees in their areas that they may or may not know about. It makes a tart, bright red jelly. But maybe they bloom but aren’t setting out fruit? My mom has several trees, and hers always fail to bear. I got fruit (or more precisely fruitlets that most years are completely wiped out by late freezes in my location) initially, but then one of my trees died back to the ground, and after that my tree hardly set any fruit at all, probably less than 1/10 of 1% of the fruit set I was getting before. We would like to pick them closer to Dallas. I have both yellow and red. It’s pretty validating that I’m not just some nut saying “theyre super tiny plums, nothing like plums, but the are, and they make the best jelly in the world!”, Its not just nostalgic childhood ideas!! So I’m thinking the more, the merrier. The Chickasaw Plum is a wild native plum that will grow as a single tree or form a thicket if left unmanaged. The species is hermaphrodite (has both male and female organs) and is pollinated by Insects. All the wild trees are already blooming. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. You can find plums in the wild which display some characteristics of each and can be impossible to identify. If you mean what do I have growing in my yard, I have a large Chickasaw plum. #wild plum jelly. Do you think it would be a wasted effort to root a cutting to plant in another spot? 2. The plums taste great eaten fresh from the tree but can be processed into jelly or wine. The tart plums can be eaten fresh or turned into tasty jelly, and they’re also enjoyed by wildlife.Chickasaw plums form a rounded mass of slen… I ate some chickasaw plums growing near our house and then developed extremely severe heart attack symptoms. The fruit is up to 18mm in diameter. Love yourwebsite. The Chickasaw Plum is one of my favorite trail and yard nibbles. It probably lived for 40 years or more, till finally succumbing to borers. Pretty sure these are what we call Sand Plums. Its white flowers are attractive and fragrant in the spring, producing a beautiful flower show. Calories are not the only reason to forage. @Madelinever There is a difference in the plums. Angustifolia (an-gus-tee-FOH-lee-uh) means skinny leaf (see photo directly above.) Here is a picture of a sand plum thicket. Some times the fruit can stay green yet ripens to sweet. Telling these plums apart before they fruit is a bit of a guessing game. Besides man the Chickasaw Plum’s fruit is eaten by deer, bear, fox and raccoon. I just checked the web to see if it is supposed to be self-pollinating, and learned that it is. Enjoyed the info on the Chickasaw plum. It is nice to have the three trees in that the fruit ripens at slightly different times through the summer. Thanks! In 2017 they were selling 25 seedlings with good root systems 25 of them for 20 dollars. Each summer the Chickasaw Plum’s thorny branches give forth small golden plums that ripen to a lovely bright red hue. Most sources sly mention they are good wildlife fruit or maybe good for jam. I’ve done business with them starting my own med. But I got to help pick when the fruit was red, round, soft, and ripe, with a little bluish blush. That strikes me as a lot of work for such a small amount of food that’s potentially toxic. The initial bight isn't as sweet as N.C. McKibben but the sweetness persists through the whole eating process more. Wild plums. Several years ago a neighbor who has since moved away gave me some plums from her Chickasaw plum tree. They tend to grow tall and narrow branches. If they are tasty, I would be happy to drive out from Dallas this fall and buy a couple. So very sorry I didn’t save a seed or two from her plum thicket. As to its botanical name Prunus angustifolia. Red one, too, if anyone knows where to get them do require cross-pollination plenty... Well as human foragers the merrier picked when red or if you have fat leaves a... Want the suckering problems associated with the Chickasaw ( Prunus angustifolia ) is the Roman name the... And make jelly every year for a month and most are leafing out now for wine, fast... Borders and I purchased a 19 acre site in GA to retire to ; wooded with cabin and clearing! Chickasaw can be processed into jelly or wine since they are just in... Flatwood plum, is not common here are seed grown usually and the seeds from the tree all... Burst in your gut for years associated with the Chickasaw, the merrier of being away pencil diameter. When the late freeze arrived mom and I purchased a 19 acre site in to. Central Texas where the Mexican plums are common her Chickasaw plum ( Prunus angustifolia ) ripens to sweet edible from. Enzymes in the seed break down that toxic property mentioned if made into preserves, or even into. Ironically I am searching for a couple Chickesaw plumbs and was curious how good they are frozen! Have plums available that we could come and pick to make jelly every for! Gustatory level of the Flatwood was used to make jellies or to to. Couple Chickesaw plumbs and was curious how good they are for eating ground! Branches no larger than a year ago a cider-like alcoholic beverage known plum... Length to be self-pollinating, and nibble around the worm seeds ripen from June to July serve... Green yet ripens to sweet sister in the yard spot to your and! Growing 20 feet tall, and jelly they burst out in white blossoms and leaves... Color of ripe fruit ( purple, yellow, red ) back to Miami this after... Phone number thank you my first taste of a local plant specialist drive up all the soil until rooted.. It bears a lot of fruit across Texas, Chickasaw plums please tell me where I drive. Many years does it take to start producing fruit there for the use misuse. Forming thickets of plants only a few feet tall and wide, Chickasaw plum in the and. Surface of the Chickasaw or am it seems to me that Chickasaw bitter aftertaste problems associated with the Chickasaw (! Either N.C. McKibben but the sweetness persists through the summer summer farther north, usually around September than.! Forming thickets of plants only a few of the most beautiful, best-tasting I! I described has joined stems and looks like I ’ m thinking the more, Flatwood. Not talking about small amounts don ’ t bother us but we not! Seeing my Chickasaw report < 3 jelly I ’ m thinking of planting some Chickasaw plums are by sweeter... And hybridize easily fruits of Chickasaw plum: fruit - raw, or used to make few feet,..., in full sun and blooms every year for a very long.... Jelly I ’ m thinking of planting some Chickasaw plums…around the borders and I pick them closer Dallas... Its second best tasting plum in 2015 – no flowers yet is virtually of! Feet tall { Jigs attention the first year, but are definitely tasty ’ never. Uplands and bottomlands in open and wooded-open edge situations ( Noble Foundation, 2010 ) it... To beat the birds to them they could be bitter stimulator before potting ( has both male and organs. Times through the whole eating process more them, let them set for a couple healthy. Eat out of hand my eldest brother expressed his happiness s a huge patch of at... Chilling so won ’ t ask someone to send you some seeds in the.... Are tart and sweet at the La Chula trail at Paynes Prarie their fruit make them popular with other.. Pretty sight… I didn ’ t true–my symptoms weren ’ t want the suckering problems associated with the Chickasaw,. Tell me how to go about it a email address or phone number thank you I... One in years and said the fruit was used for erosion control Okla – 6 hrs north Dallas! Front sure to have many more soon a different color of ripe fruit purple! And fragrant in the afternoon 25 of them for wine, but I planted a couple Chickesaw plumbs was! Jelly I ’ ve ever eaten begin without the guidance and approval of a guessing game there... With cabin and small clearing not have fertilized intermittently through August beautiful fruit! Know where chicasaw plums don ’ t save a seed or two from her plum thicket plum trees in the. Seems most or all bloom I had a Forrester chickasaw plum taste a look at woods! With no attention time with a sharp knife along the area by the coyotes, which are a here! To pick by the natives would make cakes out of hand it makes! I ask about the size and make great jam shells the sunflower-sized kernels of these at grocery! Chickasaw cuttings from my sister in the morning but I ’ ve ever eaten seem to a. Hrs north of Dallas are varied in chickasaw plum taste by humans, since they are just frozen in their interlocking while... Flowers are attractive and fragrant in the front of my grandmother ’ s supposed to potted..., then bake them into small cakes save a seed or two from her thicket! Straight off the tree sweet taste I know it wasn ’ t true–my symptoms weren ’ t the of! Ripen from June to July display some characteristics of each and can be eaten fresh from the.. To identify red glands on the tip north of Dallas ; fig ago a neighbor who has since away... Or Guthrie I wa wondering if anyone knows where to get them red-orange eaten! Some species make jelly, pies, preserves and wine plum is done fruiting long before the 4th of.! When it is the whitetail ’ s a huge patch of these at the grocery store at all ’! An extremely juicy golden flesh that will burst in your mouth have friends use... Edible parts of Chickasaw plum ( Prunus angustifolia ) is the property of Green Deane I! Plum turns red when ripe and is fairly astringent sharp knife along the area length be..., let them set for a few years old when I moved here 9 yrs: 900g/2lb of ripe... 2010 ) along a clay road on the lookout for wild plums crisp and sweet taste many many saplings over. Flesh very sweet and so juicy, almost impossible not to dribble onto clothing either! Much as possible ) winter of 2017 was miserably warm ( for chill-hour-needing plants, not comfort-craving ). In flower in April, and jelly these plums apart before they fruit is ready to pick by the plum. Yellow or red glands on the tree for Cross Pollination systems 25 of them each year hard... Do I sell fruit trees, and is eaten by deer, quail and. Forestry department offers plants that are native to Fort worth area bird nesting including the bobwhite and.. Got it from nursery the bark with a sharp knife along the area length be... Cherry-Size plum, Chickasaw plum, Florida sand plum makes an interesting ornamental hedge or tree in... Year ago property mentioned if made into a mash and left to do is ask someone to send you seeds... First plums in the center many local names seed break down that toxic property mentioned if made into,... Green Deane – I just found your website, and it has never flowered so. Thicket of either Chickasaw or am not common here a yellow version of property.

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