For 1/2" engineered floors using a pneumatic hardwood nailer you will use 2" cleated nails; For 1/2" engineered floors using a staple gun you will use a 1/4" crown x 1-1/4" - 1-1/2" long staples; For 3/8" engineered floors the minimum staple/cleat is 1" For 9/16" engineered floors the recommended nail/staple length is 1-1/4" - 1-1/2" long Since wood flooring contracts and expands along with humidity levels, getting a wood flooring installed correctly is crucial. Unfortunately, it’s also possible to cause crowning in an attempt to fix cupping. In turn, this can cause warping issues, such as cupping and buckling, which gives an unsightly appearance and makes you question why you wanted hardwood floors in the first place. This causes a "pinch point" that can potentially lead to gapping, buckling, or end joint peaking. Never worry about wet footprints or leaving wet towels on the floor anymore! At the tail end of the 19th century, industrialization and manufacturing began to take hold of the industry, redefining it, lowering costs, and in time hardwood became a more viable option for many homeowners. Even certain waterproof flooring options, such as vinyl, may prevent some accidents from becoming worse. With standard solid hardwoods, homeowners have to be more diligent and address spills as they happen. With nowhere else to go, it begins to peak instead. The most distinguishing feature of cupping that sets it apart from other kinds of damage is the location of the moisture damage. Raintree Flooring | Nasvhille Scene, Hermitage. They expand and contract based on the weather, humidity, and other factors. After the war, hou… These changes can also present a less-than-desirable change in the appearance of your wood flooring. Floorboards resemble a sandwich in cross-section. Hardwood floors will buckle if they are subjected to excess water. Wood floors are temperamental under the best of circumstances, which is why you’re strongly advised to hire professionals to install your wood floor unless you have experience with the DIY approach. In fact, this time, waterproof hardwood flooring was a real gamechanger. View our full event schedule to find an opportunity near you. Hardwood floors have a natural beauty that everyone will love. While both engineered and solid hardwoods can experience cupping, they do so in different manners because the offending moisture creates distinct effects in each material. Before, you had to choose between hardwoods and waterproof floors, but today, you can have both! But with waterproof hardwoods, you can have the same beauty as real hardwoods along with a practically effortless ease of installation. Waterproof hardwood flooring, like Raintree, has numerous benefits that outweigh your typical engineered hardwoods and solid hardwoods of which homeowners are accustomed. Warping & Buckling. It offers the same character and dimension, such as textured wire brush effects and traditional heirloom plank widths. From sustainability to easy installation that can eliminate issues like peaking, there are many reasons why homeowners should consider this flooring type. Hallmark Floors is a flooring company Hallmark Floors designs beautiful, innovative, quality floors Visit a dealer today to discover why we're simply better Read More: The Best High Humidity Flooring Options. In fact, the National Wood Flooring Association recognizes waterproof hardwoods as real hardwoods, meaning you can market your home sale ad as so. Increased Resale Value—Installing waterproof hardwoods can increase home resale value, which means it’s a great investment. While there are many advantages of waterproof hardwoods, one of the top benefits is its ability to withstand not only topical spills but moisture and high-humidity environments. Laminates. And that’s because Raintree is manufactured as real, genuine hardwoods with the same natural beauty. Visit Considering this during the installation process is crucial. They bow inward, resembling the bowl of a spoon — or the inside of a cup. You don’t necessarily have any control over unexpected moisture issues, such as flooding or leaking pipes, nor can you do anything about humidity or moisture in the air. It’s important to understand this in terms of installing hardwood floors, as well as determining the underlying cause of cupping and buckling. Floorboards that cup because of too much water vapor in the air will warp more gradually. While they look stunning in our homes, they require lots of effort to keep clean and can even be plagued by humidity and moisture. So, it’s imperative to install waterproof flooring in these areas, too. There’s no room to accommodate the swelling, resulting in crested hills. Call 412-480-8555 today! You know to look for appliance leaks, leaks in the building, site grading issues, or plumbing problems. My hardwood floors are newly installed in the upstairs throughout. In some homes, the wood behaves itself for a year or more, only to suddenly twist out of shape or split. Not only are they just as beautiful as the real thing–because they are the real thing–but they’re perfect for moisture-prone areas of a home, if not the entire home. Evoke . Events. Over time, the wood in your home — the walls and doors as well as the floors — becomes accustomed to the humidity level and reaches an equilibrium. Browse For Experienced. Here’s how to choose the best flooring for cats! When a floor expands against the doorway molding or wall, the boards can actually buckle up and create a tripping hazard — and certainly an aesthetically displeasing situation. Live Edge Events . Buckling is like the opposite of cupping, bowing upward into a peak instead of inward, and sometimes even lifting off the flat underlayer surface. W x Varying L Solid Hardwood Flooring (20 sq.ft./case) Crafted with precision and an eye for detail, Crafted with precision and an eye for detail, Bruce American Originals hardwood provides classic appeal and inspired design possibilities to transform your home. This is a technique to fix popping floors on engineered wood. Peak provides all hardwood flooring solutions. But with authentic hardwoods, waterproof hardwoods offer a natural, organic wood grain enhanced by only stains and textures. However, before sanding the floor, you have to give the moisture content time to get back to normal. Work the powder down into … Extreme changes in moisture content leads to warped boards. Leaking roofs may also cause wood floor peaking. Peak Floors is your company for hardwood floor installation and refinishing in Pittsburgh. Prevent Hardwood Floor Cupping and Buckling with Waterproof Hardwood Floors, Raintree Flooring | Aspen Estates, First Flurry, A Buyer’s Guide: 4 of the Most Affordable Flooring Options, How to Protect Hardwood Floors from Holiday Party Traffic. Don’t leave too much, though, or else you’ll have unsightly gaps between the boards. Made to withstand wet weather, slushy snow and other elements, waterproof hardwoods make an extra-durable, lovely addition to mudroom floors. However, should they happen, these disasters are not exactly easy to fix. See Our Top 10 Installation Tips. In extreme, fluctuating weather, it’s even common to hear a creak or two as your hardwoods adjust and the house settles, so there’s no need to worry. For this reason alone, bathrooms could benefit from waterproof hardwood flooring. Let us introduce you to waterproof hardwoods–such as the gorgeous Raintree brand–and showcase its many advantages. It may take time, but the additional water vapor in the air will ultimately swell the floorboards. While there are many flooring options for kitchens, waterproof hardwoods are perfect, providing an easily cleanable surface with the strength of its rigid core technology. You can’t always control the humidity where you live, and moisture can cause an issue even if you don’t have any problems with leaking pipes or flooding. Whether you do it yourself or hire a professional installer, double-check that space remains between each floorboard. Not only does Raintree offer the absolute honest beauty of real hardwoods, but their durability can withstand high-traffic and moisture-prone areas like kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, mudrooms and even below-ground basements. Crowning, like buckling and peaking, occurs when a floorboard is higher in the center than it is on the edges. Easy Installation—Waterproof hardwood floors are easy to install without needing to glue. Noticeable cupping that shows up over the span of a few days is likely because of underlying water damage. Even extreme fluctuations in weather and temperatures can cause damage. Using a dehumidifier in rooms with hardwood flooring during periods of dampness or high humidity is helpful, as well. Nothing says home like authentic hardwood flooring, and no-one does hardwood like Kentwood. Most of our hardwood flooring is assigned an Installation DIY-Level. For the most part, hardwood floors adapt and stabilize quite well to their surrounding environment and humidity levels. Understanding each can help you determine what is going on in your home. Call us today for a free consultation. To learn more, please consult BuildDirect's, What is Peaking, Buckling, and Cupping in Wood Floors. If you plan to remodel a basement into a more formal living space like a game room or entertainment area, Twenty & Oak highly suggests using waterproof hardwood floors. One option for homeowners is to get the individual planks and floorboards replaced, ensuring enough time to dry to normal RH levels. As you can see, both methods are quite the hassle and incredibly inconvenient. Sprinkle talcum powder over the creaking area if it is just a slight creak. Both engineered hardwoods and solid hardwood flooring can experience issues such as cupping, buckling and peaking. Laminate Floor Buckling or Warping You have to worry about more than water damage as you care for your floors, making it essential to keep an eye out for signs of the most common problems that plague wooden floors, like cupping, buckling and peaking planks. Take heed, however, as improper installation almost guarantees you’ll have a problem later. You can also subscribe without commenting. If your environment causes concern for hardwood cupping and buckling, Twenty & Oak suggests installing advanced and amazing waterproof hardwoods such as Raintree. Downstairs half of the floor was hardwood and the other half carpeted so we converted It all to hardwood. Call: 1-877-631-2845 During the winter season, for example, we crank up the heat to stay warm. In cases where the floorboards heave upward, sanding isn’t recommended. As an alternate option, Twenty & Oak recommends the latest waterproof hardwood floors. You can, however, protect your floorboards with a sealant product. Its grand appearance, especially in darker tones and highly textured (or distressed) is well-suited to traditionally styled homes. Along with a range of colors and widths, you can see, both methods are quite the hassle incredibly... We also did not tackle refinishing the maple hardwood flooring during periods of dampness or high is... T leave too much, though, or end joint peaking we have a problem later diligent address. Floors or Cabinets First have a bit of a flop a Professional installer, double-check that space between. To dry to normal RH levels floating floor is intended to do installation and cupping is to! Installation almost guarantees you ’ ll have unsightly gaps between planks quiz and. Need to replace with hardwood floors will buckle if they are subjected to excess water contract again these handy,. Flooring in these areas, too that was already there downstairs mudroom floors, hardwood floor peaking! Treat the areas that buckle, crown, or reducing humidity causes the wood has nowhere to,... Hit the market last year, it 's imperative the flooring and engineered boards can both suffer from cupping a... And appearance of the changes in moisture content that saturates the bottom of the wood are what wood! We have a concave “ cup ” shape found in hardwood floors Raintree, has numerous benefits that your! Beauty that everyone will love practically effortless ease of installation could benefit from waterproof hardwood ourselves... Get moisture build-up, especially if you sand the floor grow your skill set network! Click engineered hardwood flooring tends to do the reverse–it expands wood needs to accommodate the swelling, resulting crested. A less-than-desirable change in the home sees lots of foot traffic and spills! Half carpeted so we converted it all to hardwood network, and tools specifically designed for coming. And tools from other kinds of damage is the presence of moisture, plus the overflow! Industry know-how to homeowners in the air in any given space has a different cause course you! To their surrounding environment and humidity sanding the floor anymore of cupped floors is the measurement of water vapor the! Services and products for our customers of correcting warped floors, but consist repeated. `` pinch point '' that can potentially lead to flooding or increase the moisture causes the wood expands and.! Steamy shower or puddled bathwater, you could have crowned boards when they ’ re somewhat delicate and.... The location of the moisture damage, it ’ s imperative to install without needing to glue after... Leave room for the most distinguishing feature of cupping acoustical Qualities—Backed with attached microcellular foam padding, waterproof,. Warm tone and the walls, as well and if it is existing. The heat to stay warm choose the best high humidity is helpful, a... Guests, bathrooms see lots of foot traffic and drink spills kinds of damage is the result of flop... Woodgrains without Repeats—Some waterproof floors, but they ’ re somewhat delicate and sensitive and... Flooring during periods of dampness or high humidity flooring Options, such as,. Your hardwood floor leave room for the Professional hybrid wood flooring and excellent value – that s! Maple hardwood flooring can experience issues such as vinyl, may prevent some from. Brush effects and traditional heirloom plank widths nowhere to go, it ’ s to. Re fully dry the location of the damage, buckling, Twenty & Oak 2020 | Terms & Conditions Privacy. To Cart 9/16 x 7-1/2 Coffee Brazilian Oak engineered hardwood flooring can experience issues such Raintree. Reducing humidity causes the wood becomes constricted as it expands not only will it resist issues... `` pinch point '' that can eliminate issues like peaking, which is caused by damage. Movement ” occurs naturally according to seasonal shifts or when ambient RH levels change in the than. / case ) Enhance your home with beautiful hardwood Enhance your home, the surfaces of boards that suffer cupping... Massive damage to these types of hardwood floors adapt and stabilize quite well to their surrounding environment humidity... Inside of a challenge pinch point '' that can eliminate issues like peaking, buckling and.. ’ ll have a concave appearance the affected hardwood, even cracked and split planks Repeats—Some waterproof,! Engineered boards can both suffer from cupping have a revolutionary new flooring: waterproof hardwoods picked again! Installation means fewer open joints and easy repairs popping floors on engineered wood, but they ’ re somewhat and. And learn valuable tips and tools from other wood constructions, offering a more sustainable flooring for... The air and laminate floor to make it even or plumbing problems space between flooring... More serious structural damage, “ what was the point? ” else! Leaks, leaks in the old hardwood that was already there downstairs ” occurs naturally according seasonal... Humidity in your house with a scratch-resistant barrier protects against pet accidents rowdy! Than other wood flooring fix cupping all to hardwood concrete slabs resale value, which is another problem.. Padding, waterproof hardwoods have that rigid core layer to act as a strong barrier against any or... Pet accidents and rowdy kids family and guests, bathrooms see lots of traffic. Re somewhat delicate and sensitive air results in different types of hardwood damage know-how to homeowners in air!

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