I just bought one. I’m fairly happy with it. forgot to mention that the price was at the manufacturers website. Not one ran me over $740 after it was all said and done. At fifty yards, I was left with one ragged dime-sized hole. Â. Chris Hernandez long guns, Radical Firearms Review, Tacos are Forever Report: the Radical Firearms Carbine Last year, a few months after I toured Radical Firearm’s facility and met its staff, I was handed a Radical AR to review. I needed another upper, and I’m at that age now where I have to buy Christmas presents for every-freaking-body in the world, so money is tight around our house from about Halloween to Valentine’s Day and the Radical Firearms upper was cheap.  Cheap is good.  Me and the missus like cheap.Â, I packed a little over 250 rounds on that first outing, a mix of Federal American Eagle, range-quality handloads, and a box of, I was hitting 6” steel plates at 100 yards with absolutely boring regularity, the staccato. I wonder how it compares to the Ruger AR556, S&W MP15, DB15, Del Ton Sport, etc. It shoots very well at 100 yds. Other than that nice machining. Didn’t come with bcg, kept the budget theme with a psa bcg. Palmetto State Armory also makes an inexpensive AR with similar features; M-Lok rail, mid length gas system, nitrite barrel and even NiB BCG. Take a look at our extensive collection of Radical Firearms Product Reviews right here at OpticsPlanet. I was recently afforded the opportunity to tour the company’s facility in the sweltering belly of Houston and meet with the folks working behind the scenes. Shoots ok now, was getting 1 1/4” groups at 100yards. The DD is a work of art. All have good mil-spec triggers and are very accurate. • 458 Socom complete upper. That's good enough for me and hog hunting. Hitting targets out to 500 yards with 2 inch groups but that’s just for fun. Killed plenty of deer with it. Was this rifle sent to you by the manufacturer for review? Cmmg sent me the newly designed one piece adapter for the kit and now it wont fit in the chamber. Copyright © 2020 Pew Pew Media, Inc. All rights reserved. Out of stock. Hopefully the range is less busy the next time so I can try to get it dialed in and see just how accurate it can be. I’ve had nothing but problems with the Radical Arms 5.56 NATO SOCOM 16” upper with 15” radical keymod handguard. Because of YouTube new anti gun polices, all links from our YouTube videos were removed. So uppers and lowers and bolt carrier groups are interchangeable. I also slapped a Bushnell TRS red dot, my personal favorite cheapo optic, on top of the upper’s full-length rail. Thanks. at Palmetto State Armory So much so that I can’t understand why more people aren’t buying these rifles. "tag": "Best Bang-For-The-Buck Scope", Great rifle for anything I want to do with it. Wow! In a June 15th press release, Davidson's announced three new exclusive ARs thanks to two recent partnerships. I have bolt action hunting rifles that cost more, but these I have to say are a lot more fun to deer, hog, and goat hunt with… The main reason I bought them. $600.00 is "budget" for you? I love the Banshee so much I’d like to possibly buy the Scorpion. With that, I inspected the upper, daubed a little Dykem layout/machining fluid on the screws holding the handguard in place so I could see if they were turning or working themselves out under recoil, lubed everything that needed lubing, slapped the upper on an Aero complete lower, and hit the range. Newsom’s Coveted Ammo Background Check Law Is Set To Go Into Effect – And CA... Streamlight Stylus Pro – The Perfect Daily Carry Light, Springfield Saint AR15 Pistols at Atlantic Firearms. I thought it was hanging up somewhere, so I looked into the barrel and it looks like the chamber on these barrels are sleeved. This afforded them the opportunity to exercise a high degree of control over their manufacturing, while also allowing them to cut out a lot of the middleman markup that gets slapped on rifles by “manufacturers” that just assemble guns from third-party parts, rather than making everything in-house. There are quite a few nay sayers out there, but I have had my upper for 3 1/2 years and love every experience I have had with it. I have a couple AR's that punched me in the face with prices north of $1800. We’ve built dozens of AR’s and we’ll cover all the best AR-15 upgrades such as handguards, triggers, BCGs, gas blocks, and more. On pistol builds? Is that rifle BLACK, in full semi-auto!!?? Vortex 1-6, Blu loktite, 4 different brands of ammo including Federal GMM, Wolf Gold, American Eagle, and Fiocchi. The gas block came without set screws and it slid down the barrel when I fired it. Buy Beretta Nano 9mm Review And Radical Firearms Ar Pistol Beretta Nano 9mm Review And Radical Firearms Ar Pistol Reviews : If you're looking for Beretta Nano 9 No complaints. Thanks, I have a 7.5 " .223 upper and an 8.5" .300 BLK upper both as SBRs and I think they are great!  Everything is totally in spec and I had no problems fitting the upper to a variety of lowers, including two Aero lowers, a Spikes lower, and an Anderson lower. FYI, I put a Vortex Crossfire 1-4 on it and the big eyebox and simple reticle on that budget scope made it sooo easy to shoot that pistol. [Review]. Of course, when you’re looking at something that uses an explosion to fire a 55gr projectile out at 3,200 feet per second, is it really the best idea to go cheap? 90 percent of feed issues with FrankenAR calibers are MAGAZINE based.. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. One of my (grown) sons took 6 shots at 100 yards after zeroing at 35 and 50 yds. Punching paper with the Gold Medal ammo was equally surprising. If you’re always hunting deals (make sure you like and follow us on Facebook, we post 3-4 every day) you probably have seen something from Radical Firearms for sale on the cheap.  I see them saying they make guns that work for $600, and their upper certainly reflects that. Having overall good experience with RF, I'm tempted to try their 300 BLK upper. Not one ran me over $740 after it was all said and done. Best budget a Radical? The one your holding may not represent the production guns shipping. After a couple hundred rounds, extractor broke. I have had a Radical Firearms 300 blackout 8.5" for 2 years and 50 cal Beowulf for 3 years. I've put at least 40,000 rounds through it and never had an issue. Buy GI aluminum mags as they work just as well and you are ready to go. Never heard of this manufacturer or this particular AR15 before. It wasn’t too difficult to fix. • 10.5" 300BLK barrel used in build. Radical Firearms and accessory manufacturer Mission First Tactical have come on board with Davidson's, and the trio of companies wasted no time in birthing some collaborative 5.56/.223 based firearms. Just wished I didn't forget my spotting scope. Nice rifle. Now, the upper I received was sans BCG and charging handle, so I added my own until I could get a Radical Firearms BCG, which I’ll talk about it a minute. Zero issues with that pistol and we dressed it up to look badass and it is. at Palmetto State Armory //]]>, We’ve got a dedicated section for the AR-15 here. I love my RF riffle.. in case you didn't know, their customer service is the best I've ever seen. ARO NEWS is your firearms and Second Amendment news website. Everything is tight and seems to be made very well. Radical Firearms is a relative newcomer to the AR-15 world. SKU: FR16-5.56SOC-15FCR //

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