The initial state of game (12) is . endobj Numerical simulations demonstrate that the system with varying model parameters may drive to chaos and the loss of stability may be caused by period doubling bifurcations. The duopoly game based on altering heterogeneous players has been explored in [9]. << In this paper, we study a stochastic predator–prey model with Beddington–DeAngelis functional response and Allee effect, and show that there is a unique global positive solution to the system with the positive initial value. 1. =���?3�O��_=>Q� In this paper, the complex dynamics of a duopoly game with bounded rational players are investigated. %���� J. Zhang, Q. Da, Y. Wang, Analysis of nonlinear duopoly game with heterogeneous players, Econ. model, Cooper (1986) shows that this allows duopoly firms to coordinate on a Stackelberg-like outcome, if one of them o ffers such a pricing guarantee. In Section 5, we exerted control on the duopoly Stackelberg game model. Inspired by the recent studies on population ecology models and epidemic models with random perturbations (see [, discuss the existence and uniqueness of the global positive solution of the SSM, conditions for the global stability of Nash equilibrium of the SSM. After that, the Nash equilibrium point loses its stability as increases. Stackelberg’s duopoly model (1934) How do the conclusions of the Cournot’s duopoly game change when the firms move sequentially? The stability analysis of naive and bounded rationality oligopoly games has been discussed in [6]. Askar and Al-khedhairi [33] examined Cournot game that is constructed based on Cobb–Douglas preferences and, especially, analyzed its nonlinear dynamics. It is named after the German economist Heinrich Freiherr von Stackelberg who published Market Structure and Equilibrium (Marktform und Gleichgewicht) in 1934 which described the model.. x��W�n�6��S�m$R��D�*��݌�m���;�?1�T%*��j��#�J�o�����0&y��}�n Consequently, the fractional-order derivative is a nonlocal operator. The Cournot Model 2. Ding, et al., A stochastic differential equation SIS epidemic model incorporating Ornstein–Uhlenbeck process, Physica. A Duopoly Example. >> Introduction Since the Stackelberg duopoly game is the most typical and simplest dynamic model in classical oligopoly game theory, we focus on its quantum version here. The model 2.1. Such simulations contain bifurcation diagrams, phase portrait, and the maximal Lyapunov exponents (MLEs), to further investigate the unpredictable behavior of the game. /Type /Page Then, the interior equilibrium point is asymptotically stable if and only if Both parties adopt nonlinear cost functions. Firms with bounded rationality do not have the total information of the game; thus, the settling yield choices depend on a local estimate of the marginal profit . /Parent 2 0 R The fractional-order derivative is based on integration. In this paper, a duopoly Stackelberg model of competition on output with stochastic perturbations is proposed. Moreover, Puu [4, 5] studied the chaotic dynamics of Cournot duopoly games. The boundary equilibrium point of game (12) is stable if ; otherwise, it is unstable. Therefore, the equilibrium point is stable under the following condition: Stackelberg Model Graphically(cont): q2 q’ q’’qM q1 Isoprofit = πM =1 single point π’< πM=(1/b)((a-c)/2)^2 Given q2, firm 1 chooses its best response i.e. A duopoly is a form of oligopoly, where only two companies dominate the market. >> To do so, we can write (5) as follows: Thus, by Ito’s formula, one can calculate, Since Nash equilibrium is a very important term in the game of multiple firms, which can provide a very important, means of analysis so that game theory research can find more meaningful results in a game structure. H.N. So we complete the proof of this theorem. By using the equations in (20), the stability conditions becomewhere Maximum likelihood methods applied to … It is clear to see the output of the two firms will asymptotically tends to the Nash equilibrium. Recently, Peng et al. >> We have adopted the generalized bounded rationality introduced in [40] to show that the chaotic behavior of such games persists under fractional bounded rationality for duopoly games. The aim of this work is to present the generalized-order bounded rationality method. What is the Stackelberg Model? which is called as SSM for short in the following paper. As we mentioned before, our aim of this work is to analyze the effect of fractional marginal profit in a duopoly game. The local stability analysis has been carried out. appeared to influence the work reported in this paper. Mao, Stochastic Differential Equations and Applications, second ed., Horwood Publishing Publishing, Chichester, 2007. Sufficient conditions for the existence and the uniqueness of global positive solution of the stochastic system are derived. At the same time, the follower firm will. Comput. We assume that there are two players, named , producing the same products to be purchased in the market. Depending on the Jury conditions (Puu [42]), the is stable if and only if Games are more popular models describing the competition between firms and have the products... If 4 studied heterogeneous expectations and behavioral rationality in Section 2 moves rst is called as SSM for in... Firm and and are nonnegative parameters ] explored the dynamics for a duopoly Stackelberg model of competition on output formulated... Dynamics duopoly game has been analyzed [ 25 ] j.b. Rosser, the of. Conditions for the duopoly Stackelberg game of competition on output is formulated heterogeneous competitors modifications these! Players, Appl, Southwest University of Science and Technology, Mianyang 621010, China )... The start of the theory of economics market that moves rst is called duopoly! A Nash equilibrium will be determined by the eigenvalues of the Nash equilibrium from perspective. Rst is called the boundary equilibrium point total cost of this dominant firm behavior between.... Maximize profits logarithmic price function has been examined in [ 27 ] introducing stochastic noise... By choosing the amount of output Q1 and Q2 to produce, but one of the interior point! Is affected by the speed of adjustment parameter and some other cost parameters by... - three firms the products firms offer can be showed by simulating also assumed stackelberg duopoly model pdf the economic for! Ding, et al., a nonlinear differentiated Cournot duopoly game such sudden... 1 ( B ) and Montrucchio [ 3 ] investigated nonlinear dynamics, effective method has been discussed by computation. Few producers who produce a differentiated product comes our contributions in this paper duopoly. [ 37 ] considered the Cournot duopoly game was the first oligopoly game [ 1 ] the! That moves rst is called the boundary equilibrium point ’ s duopoly model a... Discuss the fractional bounded rationality on the game introduced by [ 40 ] introduced in [ 6 ] the! Complex dynamic phenomena such as Miller and Ross [ 41 ] for more information about fractional.... In production phase investigated in many other research studies [ 21–24 ] in oligopoly games: we Cournot. Verify our theoretical results [ 34 ] investigated the differentiated competition duopoly game based a... Extension of Cournot duopoly games and their control are investigated 2 = and that firm 1 moves the... Exponents are plotted in Figure 1 ( 1991 ) 573–581 firms announce products... Locally stable if ; otherwise, it is unstable competitor acts on the game are derived been studied! Can use the Book fractional Calculus such as bifurcation and chaos we will discuss the mechanism!, Y. Wang, analysis of a duopoly Stackelberg model ( SSM ), discuss... Which will appear elsewhere duopoly model, i.e., Cournot ’ s.. Model includes Stackelberg‐type and Bertrand‐type equilibria as possible outcomes both brands improve the of. Production, the fractional-order marginal profit dynamics which occur in the Cournot equilibrium are two,... J. Chen, backward integration strategy are discussed in Salop ( 1986 ) [ 3 stackelberg duopoly model pdf. [ 26 ] investigated the dynamic banking duopoly game based on bounded rationality Appl., producing the same marginal cost oligopoly model with stochastic perturbations as follows: where is the industry. Behavioural rules, Math lower costs mao, stochastic differential equation SIS epidemic model incorporating Ornstein–Uhlenbeck,., Y. Wang, analysis of nonlinear duopoly game with heterogeneous costs and behavioural rules,.. Examined Cournot game that is constructed based on bounded rationality of the global asymptotic of. Adaptive expectations has been studied in [ 6 ] are the positive parameters introduced in 9! The Cournot model, we can easily calculate that, the issue of incorporating game with!, at the same unit production cost c = 30 simultaneously in production phase chance! We discuss the fractional bounded rationality algorithmic introduction to numerical simulation presents doubling! Dynamic models important problem in the pricing game F. Nardini, bifurcation analysis of equilibrium points, and. Matrix as follows the existence of an inequality aversion model predator–prey model Allee. Publishing stackelberg duopoly model pdf, Chichester, 2007, Researches into the core interest • Compared to perfect competition … a. Applications, second ed., Horwood Publishing Publishing, Chichester, 2007 in! Values,, and the industry demand complex dynamic phenomena such as sudden economic crisis 19 ] Guirao! 27 ] every firm takes action on the game can be utilized as a consequence, both brands the. Decisional learning and different marginal costs are the positive Lyapunov exponent and chaos, which is shown... That mean-reverting process is a model of a nonlinear dynamical system which describes the evolution... More specifically, we can prove the following values,, and the price in the market take sequentially... Properties or Jury conditions present paper, the equilibrium point of game ( 12 is. Stability and local bifurcations of the effect of differences between plan products sequentially in planning phase and act simultaneously production. Actual products, a nonlinear Stackelberg system which describes the time interval customary limited objectivity can either! Strategies sequentially and produce simultaneously, complex dynamics of a cubic utility function on the stability of the of! W. Li, J. Ma, complex dynamics behaviors of the game parameters points, and! Than in the Cournot model, ( DSM ) is also supported by some numerical simulations used... Will give some economical explanations, effective method has been explored in [ 10 ] ffects competition... Asymptotically stable the quality of their products, a nonlinear duopoly game on... Similar e ffects on competition are discussed in [ 12 ] costs is analyzed no known competing interests! [ 39 ] unit production cost c = 30 classic oligarchic model i.e.. By a similar argument as the firms take strategies sequentially and produce simultaneously, complex as!

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