In process gauge・Post process gauge; The dial bore gauge kit that you buy or rent should come with everything you need to operate the device, including multiple heads and spacers and tightening nuts of various sizes. If the bore gauge's indicator was zeroed to 2 inches, and the pointer changed direction at the .007-inch marking on the dial face, the final measurement of the hole is 2.007 inches. the dial gauge's pointer, is the measured value sought. Plug Gauge: A plug gauge is a cylindrical type of gauge, used to check the accuracy of holes. As mentioned above, higher values indicate a smaller diameter. Available in 0.001 mm or 0.0025 mm (.00005" or .0001") reading scales. flexible measuring bolt is pressed in. BG-140 Automatic Centering Bore Gages Catalog (167.8KB) Customer Support. 75 0 obj <> endobj The types are: 1. Bore Gauge Measuring head structure diagram Specs. 4 1 2.125 - 2.375 54 - 60mm 2 2.375 - 2.625 60 - 67 3 2.625 - 2.875 67 - 73 4 2.875 - 3.125 73 - 79 Dial Bore Gage No. measurement. Dial Bore Gage No. a special adjustment tool, The basic idea is to measure the journal with the outside micrometer, then zero the bore gauge inside the micrometer, then use the bore gauge to measure the bearing. The '12' in 12 bore is not as you might expect a unit of length but a division of weight. Examining SAAMI standards, notice a +.020″ tolerance in the bore diameter for all smooth bore shotgun barrels- 10, 12, 16, 20, and 28 gauge as well as .410 bore. execution of the measurement, which implies an understanding of the h�bbd```b``V�����~D����A$�"Xv�]&O��`5_�$�ͩ