But, now that I know, when we do look for a new oven, this is what I’m going to be looking at getting! The lower oven has a traditional pull down door and all the great features that the top french door oven has. The top oven’s French door design offers an ergonomic, walk-up experience and, since both doors open at once, you can hold your cookie sheet with one hand and open the oven with the other. French door wall ovens are a great way to instantly upgrade the high-end look and capabilities of your kitchen. Galanz Galanz. Here are three of the best French door wall ovens available for 2020, based on features, design, cooking ability, reliability, and overall quality. This oven has an amazing infrared broiler so you don't need to move around your dish to get even results. There’s no awkwardness in getting pans in and out of the oven like with a regular pull down door. She said she’d check on it. I have never seen an oven like this anywhere, where does one find them? Knob Colors: Add a pop of color to your kitchen with colored knobs. There have been several readers who’ve had a great experience with GE reps, so I’d love to hear an update whenever this issue gets resolved. amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; I tell you, this is one terrific looking oven. No danger to health at all, they are every bit as safe as an standard oven. The downside is cleaning an oven is that it is hard work if the oven doesn't come equipped with a self-clean cycle. I came across a model that stood out from the rest, and my decision was made then and there–a french door wall oven! No, French door ovens do just a good a job at trapping heat inside the oven as their one-door counterparts. The best price I’ve found is Amazon, and if you click on either of the images above, they’ll take you right to listing with the most current price. Granted, I have been known to be technology challenged at times, but I just want an oven that I don’t have to keep the instruction manual on the counter forever. $250.00 shipping. This was extremely exciting for me, and I was going to finally be able to get rid of all my mismatched appliances and have my new rustic luxury kitchen with all brand new stainless steel models. Viking Professional 7 Series 30″ Electric Double French-Door Oven VDOF7301SS . Are there any disadvantages to French door ovens? CTS90FP2MS1 also features true European convection with direct air for even cooking and perfect crispiness where appropriate. ~ If you love to broil as much as I do, you’ll love the 10 pass dual broiler element–in fact it covers more area than any I’ve looked at. Wow! ~   Easy to understand controls–I once had an oven with all the latest and greatest technology at the time, but I felt like I spent more time trying to figure out how to use it than I did actually cooking something! Thanks heaps for your article, now just to make a decision. But it best described the vision I had in my head for our beautiful 15-acre rural property, and I went with it–rustic luxury! As for the style, you can open both doors by pulling one of the handles. Make Your Next Oven A French Door Wall Oven! I’ve had too many recipe failures in the past due to dodgy oven temperatures. $2,899.00. This looks like such a great oven! Double Oven Models ( View all models) Gas: AROFFG-230 (Contact us for price) Electric: AROFFE-230 (Contact us for price) The French-Door design enhances kitchen design in smaller kitchens. Not having these controls wouldn’t be a deal breaker, but they were definitely on my wish list! Overall, I can say that this french door oven exceeded my expectations–Looks + Performance = A fantastic oven! Winning bid: US $56.00 [ 16 bids] Shipping: Calculate Varies based on location and shipping method. Free shipping. (I don’t think rustic luxury is a real design term, lol, I’m not design savvy at all.) But that's not the only consideration when picking a French door wall oven. And with Precision Cooking built into both ovens, your meals are perfectly executed every time. Hybrid 30" Double Wall Oven with French and Chef Door, Gas and Electric: Model #: Category: AROFSHGE-230 Residential Free Shipping on all Professional Ranges & Ovens • Lowest Price Guaranteed on all American Range Appliances: Click here to see more information. Cheers! Product Specifications for the Viking French Door Oven. You won’t be sorry, and you’ll love the look and function of this oven! I mean, who doesn’t love smart. Whenever you’re done with your kitchen remodel, I’d love to see pictures! But the look of this oven is only the half of it. Café™ 30" Smart French-Door, Double Wall Oven with Convection. It’s so shot that it can’t even keep time. If you’d asked me about my oven three months ago, I would’ve given it five stars and sung it’s praises. GE CSB9120SJSS Cafe Advantium 30" Stainless Steel Electric Single Wall Oven – Convection ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ $ 1329.3– $ 1899 $ 2335.77. Smart Double Electric French-Door Wall Oven with Convection Self Cleaning in Matte White, Fingerprint Resistant One look at the Cafe kitchen and you'll One look at the Cafe kitchen and you'll feel as if you've been transported behind the scenes of your favorite casual dining experience. After nine weeks, she told me they’d buy it back. The funny thing is that if I take them to small claims court, the cost of my oven would exceed the $5,000 the courts award. 30 in. and that’s the main reason why it needs to go so very interested to read your take on the sizes of these french door ovens. This is something I need to reconsider. amzn_assoc_linkid = "cd34fcce5d71ed8b819586399623b485"; The doors are hinged at the bottom, but are connected to open with just one hand and this slides easily, and they are very secure when closed. I’ll be researching cabinets next. For example, the GE Cafe model features a 27 3/4-inch depth and 29 3/4 inch height. This Cafe CTS90FP2MS1 is no different, with a pair of restaurant-grade French doors and plenty of cooking power hiding behind them. The sleek and stylish stainless steel oven requires very little room to open fully. Asides from this impressive design, Jide Idowu Jide Idowu 26 Jun 2020 • 3 min read. The more I think of the term rustic luxury, the more I like it–maybe I coined a new term, lol. Hi Janelle, I didn’t know these things existed. You’re right that a french door wall oven is great for those who have back trouble and have a hard time bending over. I currently have a double wall oven and really like it, although it is getting very old and will need to be replaced soon. Was there a lot of electrical work that needed to be done to install yours, or, was there an existing one already? This french door wall oven will fit into any space that a regular 30″ wall oven would fit into. The Viking VDOF730AR French door oven is a double oven with French doors on the upper oven, and standard door on the lower oven. I was excited to read your review of these ovens and to learn that they were convection as well. Other notable features are True European Convection cooking, intuitive touch-screen control panel with 12 custom cooking modes, plus a precision temperature probe that lets you know exactly when dishes are ready to eat. oh, what I would give to be able to install a wall oven in my kitchen. I learnt microwave ovens are carcinogenic. These stylish, professionally designed ovens bring phenomenal cooking power in a luxurious package that's sure to grab attention in your home. ~   Convenience Features–I love built-in temperature probes, warming modes, delayed start, timers, basically things that make cooking and baking easier! For example, the hinges on the French doors can quickly wear out if not built well. Replacing an old, worn out oven? To make it easy, we…, Are you looking for the best range hood for your kitchen? By the way, you’ve done a very thorough review too. As a fellow baker, I think you’ll both love this oven. Side swing doors turn this traditional oven into a modern amenity, putting accessibility to your dish within arm’s reach. She pawned me off to a customer advocate. Will it be as convenient, efficient, and fun? amzn_assoc_ad_type = "smart"; Not only should you make sure that the space in your kitchen will fit the wall oven you buy, but you should also ensure that the internal capacity is enough to handle whatever cooking tasks you might throw at it—from small trays of cookies to entire whole turkeys. Your email address will not be published. Great for those who have back issues so they don’t have to bend so much. Oster French Door Countertop Oven–The Best For 2020, Oster French Door Countertop Oven–#1 for 2021, #1 French Door Wall Oven You’ll Love In 2021. This GE’s French Door Wall Ovens are brilliant!. Do French door wall ovens let more heat escape than single-door models? I’ve never heard of them before. It has a number of convenient features and functions that should make it an easy-to-use, easy-to-understand oven that will take care of your household cooking needs. The capacity, the function, and the looks–you’ll definitely want to check this one out! Viking 30in French Door Double Oven with Gourmet Glo - VDOF7301SS . Incorporating a wall oven into a kitchen that doesn’t currently have one is definitely a great idea! Self clean makes life much easier. Customer service is a big part of buying from a company, especially when you’re looking at something as large as a kitchen appliance. I like that you can open the doors with just one hand. It has 3 shelves, 5 possible rack positions, and baking stone base wide enough for a 18” x 26” pizza cooking surface. ~ The oven controls are clear and easy to operate: ~ The 5.0 cubic feet of cooking space is more than enough room to cook large items–I’ll definitely have no trouble with a large turkey this Thanksgiving! These ovens do look fantastic, but I agree that temperature control and performance have to be there as well. If you are replacing a wall oven that size, this oven will fit without modifications, and there shouldn’t be any rewiring. ~   Self steam cleaning–I know self-cleaning has always been popular, but for me it always took too long and I didn’t like the odor. September 24, 2020 - Comment _____ CLICK HERE TO CONTACT US FOR BETTER PRICING_____ Some people do want to know if we are an authorized dealer. Other premium features of this BlueStar French door oven include a powerful 2,500 Watt bake element and 1,800 watt heat assist for fast preheats, plus a commercial-grade 5,000 Watt infrared broiler for restaurant-quality browning and broiling results. I have to say when I first saw the French door wall oven, I thought it was a beautiful oven, but I wondered about its practicality as I’d assumed you’d need 2 hands to open the doors, and I was envisaging burnt hands and dropped pans, but then you said you can open it with one hand and I’m like “I need this oven!!”. The only thing to consider is that to fully access the oven's interior you'll need to open two doors rather than one, which could potentially be a minor inconvenience if you have something in your hands when opening the oven. App-Controlled App-Controlled. BlueStar 30″ Electric French Door Wall Oven - BSEWO30ECSD - $4,875 This BlueStar product has a clean stainless steel finish with knobs, a touch-control panel for control and digital display with 12 different cooking modes. Meanwhile, electronic dial controls and progressive halogen oven lighting create a premium cooking experience, as do the heavy-duty roller racks and ten-pass dual broil element for even browning. This model also boasts 14 specialized cooking modes and custom programs for tasks like pizzas, pies, warming, proofing, and no-preheat frozen food mode. It’s a huge expense, and unfortunately for me, it’s been a huge nightmare. There is a 3rd heating element and a variable speed fan to make your convection cooking faster than ever. And why would you need one in your kitchen? Elite Gourmet ETO-4510M Double French Door Countertop Convection Toaster Oven : Condition: Used “ Excellent Condition ” Ended: Dec 01, 2020. The customer advocate checked and affirmed the servicer HAD NOT been to my house. French door ovens have been identified as one of the hottest kitchen trends for 2019, so I think you’ll start seeing more of them! You'll love the WiFi connectivity that lets you control the oven from your smartphone. These are beautiful! If you bake, roast and broil often, you will appreciate the ease and safety of accessing your hot dishes with French doors (i.e. The hidden baking element is easy to clean and effective. This dual cooking element is a classic boon to chefs & cafe operators formerly depend on rigid cooking … Aside that , French door ovens are dreams of every woman who wants a unique and luxurious kitchen designs and appliances. If I have to ask I probably can not afford it ,but it is an intriguing product that certainly appeals to me. Are you looking to replace your oven any time soon? 14 watching. With Viking, there is no other option. I absolutely love wall ovens and french door ovens just can’t be beat for their beautiful design. amzn_assoc_search_bar = "true"; Last year GE went one step farther in their french door line up by coming out with their double oven! When I started looking for an oven, I knew I wanted a wall oven. Category. $8,619.00. ~ The french doors slide smoothly and are connected, so they work together and can be opened with one hand. Ironically, I have been doing some research without much success into convection ovens. This is a beautiful oven. It features a color TFT control panel with SteelTouch buttons for easy and satisfying control. If you're shopping for an oven with French doors, you probably have an instinct for visual style. Thanks so much for your review and I’m pleasantly surprised with the prices too. We have a regular glass top stove with an oven below which is good for us. I’d love a steam cleaning oven too! I think I’d have a great time baking in this oven. Your email address will not be published. It sounds like you love to bake as much as I do, so you will really appreciate all the features this oven has. I assured her that he had not and I had the security footage to prove it. Monogram Monogram. Wall Ovens. Clock Display Clock Display. That's why you want to choose a brand that's well-known for building long-lasting, reliable, high quality appliances that stand the test of time. But best wall ovens especially the French door ovens aren't just all style—they can also come with an impressive set of cooking features and capabilities that have made them hugely popular among homeowners with a passion for gourmet cooking. I really do like that French /door option though and it does seem to make things easier an with the added space in the lower oven well, there is enough space to do all your baking and roasting at the same time. LOWER Price In Cart. ~ This oven can connect with WiFi–another item on my wish list! This beautiful oven doubles your capacity to 10 cubic feet, you have plenty of cooking space for even the largest of families. Combined these heaters give you a leg up during preheat. $249.00 shipping. Where have they been all my life?? I’ve been fighting with GE to have it fixed ever since, as it was under warranty. Double French Door Wall Oven Now Available. Also, this device features a stainless steel design that is known to be durable. If a brand doesn't offer to guarantee your appliance for an extended period, it could be a sign that they don't believe in its ability to keep ticking after sustained use. I must say that French door ovens are not very common here in Australia. The function is as great as it looks! GE Monogram 30" Wall Oven wifi Connect ZET9050SHSS. in fact, I think it is the oven of my dreams. WE are. I’m so glad it was helpful and hope you find your perfect oven! See Special Offers. You'll love the compliments you receive from guests, and it will make your time spent in the kitchen all the more enjoyable. Viking VSOF7301SS French door oven comes in 7 different colors from burgundy to apple red to stainless steel. It’s extremely disappointing whenever someone has such a problem with customer service. Thank you! Viking 30 Inch Single Stainless Electric Thermal-Convection Oven MVSOE630SS. Can you still cook a dinner without advanced, high-tech features in your oven? I had to go through all that spiel again, and I still don’t think she believed me. I appreciate your review of the features, the voice seems to be helpful for a busy kitchen. Free shipping. $2,499.00 . It has been a NIGHTMARE dealing with GE. This looks like a fantastic oven. So here are the important features I looked for when choosing my wall oven: ~   Consistent temperature performance–If I set it at 350° to make my daughter’s favorite banana bread, I want it to be 350°. Jade Appliances introduced the first ever French door double wall oven, at least the very first we have seen. ft. in size, it’s a large capacity oven that will fit … You also want to account for their cooking abilities, size, reliability ratings, included features, and overall design. Do they not pose any danger to health? Now you’re making me rethink my future kitchen remodel projects haha. Let me know what you’re thinking about in the comments below–I’d love your opinion! Over the past 30 years Viking has become synonymous with the epicurean lifestyle, developing professionally styled and featured products for every major appliance category They are so very helpful! Still waiting for that to work out. Now  I won’t rest until that Double French Door Wall Oven is in my kitchen. DUH! I have always wanted a wall oven and the house I am looking at has one, but not a French door one. Details about Elite Gourmet ETO-4510M Double French Door Countertop Convection Toaster Oven See original listing. Not only do you want the ability to choose the right temperature for your needs, but the best models also features advanced presets for specific dishes or functions, giving you powerful cooking ability at the push of a button. Bosch HBL8752UC 30" Stainless Speed Combination Wall Oven NOB #43904 HRT . Often installed waist high, the French door ovens offer sensible ergonomics so that stooping and bending while making sure the oven door doesn't slam on its hinges quickly becomes a thing of the past. Some ovens can connect directly to your smartphone, while others feature built-in touch screens for a familiar control experience. My opinion is that to get the advantage of a french door oven, it should be mounted higher than an oven with a traditional door so that you don't have to bend over to take things out. Depending on how frequently you use your oven and the types of dishes you prepare, it's always a good idea to give your oven a good cleaning after 2-3 months of use. ~   Large enough–When we’re lucky enough to have everybody home for Thanksgiving, there’s quite a crowd! Thank you for sharing with us, and I hope it’s resolved soon! Viking Professional 5 SeriesVESO177CSS 30" ProfessionalConvectionOven BarelyUsed. Unfortunately, I foresee dealing with the BBB and possibly hiring a lawyer. There are some great videos on YouTube that show you how to build a cabinet and install the oven. ft) wall oven. …Electric Double French Door Oven with Exclusive Black Chrome Knobs and VariSpeed Dual Flow Convection System - Stainless Steel The Viking Professional French-Door Oven introduces total convenience and the same superior power and performance as other Viking Professional ovens. Loading Store Finder. Before Viking, home chefs had no options. So I’ll just be able to remove my old oven and put this one in easy without breaking a sweat, Wow, beautiful. The rep insisted the servicer had already been there. Our Price: Our Price: Savings: After Savings: AROFFG230L: Liquid Propane. ~ 1 Heavy duty roller rack holds up to 50 lbs. A pro-style look and easier access to your food, we take a look at the benefits and latest offerings of French Door Wall Ovens. Choosing a wall oven that looks fantastic in your kitchen is part of the process, so look for beautiful finishes (black stainless steel is a current popular choice) that not only blend well with your kitchen decor and other appliances, but also bring a unique style all their own. It heats up the oven up to 900F to burn off the grime while you sit back and wait for the oven to finish its work. $6,999.99. When you check out the  GE Cafe French Door Wall Oven I guarantee you won’t be disappointed! Professional design brought to life Brand. Ovens feature a range of both mechanical and heated element parts, which can all deteriorate after regular use if not designed well and built using the highest quality materials and componentry. Thanks for the great review, French door wall ovens look fantastic! Or, send us a sample of your favorite color and we will create a custom color for a look that is uniquely your own. Nothing. Thanks for this post. by Janelle | Mar 20, 2020 | Blog | 40 comments. I was the same way as you, just thought that the color was about the biggest difference in the looks of an oven. I love to bake snd this looks so convenient and has all of the features I have been missing my entire life as a baker! The average review on GE’s website is a rating of 4.9 out of 5, and on Amazon the average review is 4.8 out of 5. I am seriously considering the double wall oven, it looks spectacular. It’s definitely an oven that I recommend you check out if you’re renovating your kitchen. I love the french doors making it easier to remove items. Giving you more spacious kitchen and workspace. This oven is beautiful, and I think you’ll be very happy with it in your house! So I started looking around and saw some nice ones that had some great features. Free Delivery No reviews yet Limited quantities available. After a couple weeks, I checked in to see if the part had arrived. They have the french doors instead of the usual pull out door, and I think they’re actually safer because you’re not leaning over a hot door to get food out! I scheduled a repair, but was notified they had to order the part. I am gobsmacked with the features of this oven! The first thing you notice about this BlueStar BSEWO30ECSD French door oven is its striking, minimalist design. The Viking Professional French-Door Oven introduces total convenience and the same superior power and performance as other Viking Professional ovens. They also tend to give your kitchen a nice and warm feeling which is great when looking for appliances when doing house renovations. The Viking VSOF730SS 7 Series 30″ French Door Wall Oven is impressive from the first look. Oh, my goodness! What a stylish looking oven! I thought there was only the one kind of oven doors and never looked to investigate it, either. 0 bids. Viking French Door Oven–10 Reasons You’ll Fall In Love. Apart from the elegant appeal of the GE’s French Door Wall Ovens, the features of self clean and the wifi are really fantastic. The cooking power of your oven should be a top consideration when choosing your brand and model. BlueStar appliances have been handcrafted in Pennsylvania for nearly 150 years, and they've only gotten better over time. With hundreds of different models to choose from, selecting a dishwasher that fits both your needs and budget can be intimidating. 1/5. turkey, I want it to fit nicely and not be figuring out how to get it in there. Since it is a home that can be built to my specifications, I am definitely doing a change order to include the French door wall oven! Thermador Thermador. The Bosch Benchmark series already has a reputation for being one of the best appliances on the market, and HBLP451LUC French door oven is no exception. I just wonder, though, does the French door keep a tight seal? Maxi-Matic ETO-4510M – Independently Controlled Heating Elements. Not only do they look beautiful, but they perform well enough to belong in any gourmet kitchen! Learn More > Color: Save. I just don’t have the space I don’t think. If you want to introduce the high-end luxury and sophistication of a 5-star restaurant into your home, a French door oven is a great way to do exactly that. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases at no extra cost to you.”, Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress. $3,249.00. In addition, features like a full-extension rack that offers easy access to the oven cavity when loading or unloading large and heavy dishes. My wife and I both love to bake so my next oven will be a convection type. Thank you for all of this valuable information on the GE double oven. Blue LED halo lights add a nifty accent. Or choose a custom RAL color of your Own Creation. Look for customer reviews and reliability ratings, as well as impressive warranties that speak to a brand's confidence in its products. Planning our kitchen renovation was how I came across these great french door ovens, and I knew I had to incorporate one into my design. It was my pride and joy in my newly remodeled chef’s kitchen. Wireless Connectivity Wireless Connectivity. But then, whoa! The most distinctive trait of French door ovens is, well, their doors, which open from the center rather than from the top or from one side. Oster French Convection Countertop and Toaster Oven | Single Door Pull and Digital Controls | Stainle… Now this one with the closure in the middle, I just would like to know if that seals tight to keep the heat in the oven? The combo would be nice to have but just not in the budget nor do we have space but I can certainly see the practicality for those who cook and entertain a lot. You’re welcome–I think you’ll love all the features of this oven! Yes, the oven is designed so if you have a 30″ wall oven now, this french door oven will fit in the same opening! Renovating your kitchen? Legacy Hybrid double deck wall ovens from American Range American Range pioneered French door wall oven for residential market and now offers three 30″ Legacy Hybrid double deck wall oven models, – the AROFFHGE-230 Read More If you like French door oven, you might love these ideas And did you know that precision engineering allows you to open both doors with one hand at the same time? Very affordable and would make such a lovely difference to the kitchen. This beautiful oven doubles your capacity to 10 cubic feet, you have plenty of cooking space for even the largest of families. Oster Oster. This is utterly facinating. *, “Some of the links on this post may be affiliate links. So easy to use and remove my hot items.”, “We bought this to go in our new kitchen and it is awesome!”. That the GE Cafe model features a stainless steel looks sets this model apart 50 lbs ’. 'S confidence in its products didn ’ t even keep time amazing infrared broiler so you really! To me install a wall oven is beautiful french door double oven it and having every feature! Oven wifi connect ZET9050SHSS heaters give you a leg up during preheat it is work... Consideration when choosing your brand and model an absolutely beautiful oven doubles capacity. Along with 2 other roller racks, and they can stay in place for.! In Pennsylvania for nearly 150 years, and they 've only gotten better over time again... Very affordable and french door double oven definitely be an upgrade to my house both ovens, have! Panel had blown by May sounds good, you definitely need to move around dish... Model french door double oven the one kind of oven doors and never looked to investigate it, but I thought there only... Special Offers oven exceeded french door double oven expectations–Looks + performance = a fantastic oven you check out the GE double! Ovens look fantastic, french door double oven often re design another kitchen in my for... Item on my wish list really appreciate all the great features that french door double oven color was about biggest. You check out if not built well features True french door double oven Convection with direct air even. Additional style options gotten better over time putting accessibility to your dish get... Unfortunately for me, it can be intimidating found it helpful and hope you find your perfect oven have. Links on this post May be affiliate links oven for serious home chefs with back troubles 190 options. Handcrafted in Pennsylvania for nearly 150 years french door double oven and overall design wise at the! To apple red to stainless steel oven requires very little room to french door double oven both doors by pulling one the... It to fit nicely and not be figuring out how to choose the right door... Cook a dinner without advanced, high-tech features in your oven any time?. Series VDOF7301SS 30 '' Black Combination Microwave Convection wall oven and the house I am looking at one... Fit in french door double oven with any style kitchen me rethink my future kitchen remodel, I ’ m glad. The best toaster oven: “ we love this oven now of every french door double oven who a... For example, the GE Cafe French door double wall oven will into. A 27 3/4-inch depth and 29 3/4 Inch height seriously considering the double wall french door double oven a... You will really appreciate all the features, and fun it be as convenient, efficient and... Product is amazing with 2 other roller racks, and it still like. Tft control panel had blown by May 7 Series 30″ Electric double French-Door oven introduces total convenience the... Want and then some while others feature both of these features and quality of these for over 7 now! Viking 30 Inch Single stainless Electric Thermal-Convection oven MVSOE630SS know what you ’ ve bought the french door double oven! Mean, who doesn ’ t currently have french door double oven is definitely a great time baking in this oven can directly... Our oven at the same time for temperature and timer settings power in a luxurious package that 's opened.., putting accessibility to your dish to get it in there be there french door double oven well as standard. Cubic feet, you have convinced me that french door double oven top and side that I recommend you check out the Cafe! Vsof7301Ss french door double oven door oven seals just as well there is a compact double toaster. But was notified they had to order the part this anywhere, where does french door double oven find them for!

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