• When shopping for sand paper, it would be wise to pick up large quantities of the 36, 60, and 100 grit paper. Your big machine will leave a grit line behind, which is definitely something you want to avoid. That floor … When it comes to sanding a hardwood floor, grit sequence is everything. The only way to spot sand is to tape off and entire square area wall to wall on a seam line or tape out individual boards in the affected area. Normally the progression begins with the least aggressive or highest grit to achieve flat/finish free floors then progress from there. Start in the middle of your floor and sand from end to end, overlapping each pass by just an inch or two. 12-16-20-24: very coarse From here, you will want to sand the floor with a 60 grit paper, a 100 grit paper and possibly a 120 grit to get a really nice, smooth finish.
  • If you pick the wrong sequence for your sander, you won’t achieve a smooth transition between one grit and another. Unfortunately there is no set guideline as to just how much paper you should buy, however, here is a rough estimate for a standard-sized room with a typical wear and tear. Most hardware stores will let you return un-used sandpaper so don’t worry too much about that. When it hits a nail, you'll hear it. This is an intensive process that strips everything from the floor by grinding it down to the natural wood underneath all that shine. Stop worrying. I’m not sure what to do. The cost of any project will vary and depends on the condition of the floor, how many rooms there are and how much preparation work is required. 30-36-40: coarse Common tools for hand-sanding and power-sanding include: Hand Sanders and Sanding Blocks: These tools, which use sandpaper sheets cut to size, give you more comfort, control and leverage than sanding with sheets alone and can generate good results on flat surfaces. While sanding, you’ll need to keep moving. This makes for a long day. The floor will accept the finish evenly and look great. You want to start with a more abrasive grit and then use successively finer grits. In between stages, clean the floor to remove dust and dirt. This is due to the fact that the coarse paper is taking on the tough job of removing the old stain and is really doing the bulk of the sanding work.

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