Make a right while moving down that corridor and follow the long hallway then squeeze through the bed frame and barred doorway up ahead. Rush back down the corridor then back into the Morphogenic Engine Room. Get up on the next catwalk walkway and follow it around the corner to the right. Miles will enter another corridor. Search the open stall door to the side - the one with the body inside and there will be a **BATTERY** on the floor near the body. The patient that started the fire is gone, but the door to the kitchen is now accessible, so who cares about that patient!? Reply. Step back out into the corridor and run past the doorway to the left - the stairs inside will only lead up to a locked door. Turn to the right while on the outside walkway and then walk toward the narrow ledge to make Miles shimmy across it. Literally. Turn on the camera and go right, then follow the path until you reach the decontamination chamber. Outlast 2 Find a Way Through the Barn, Find the Town - Walkthrough Part 3 Learn how to make your way through the barn and find the main town in Outlast 2. Run back up the stairs then take the next set of stairs to the floor above. Find out the best tips and tricks for unlocking all the achievements for Outlast in the most comprehensive achievement guide on the internet. The wall says "Down the drain" and points to the hole in the floor to the right of the patient. There is a door on both sides of Miles. There is a patient in a wheelchair around the corner of the walkway to the right. Follow the corridor with the patient at the end of it then step through the doorway beside him. Miles can only limp while moving at this point. Look up toward the open vent in the ceiling then jump and climb up inside of it. Be sure to film the blood pool and Walrider words on the wall to get the **"WALRIDER" NOTE"** before moving ahead. Keep in mind that all you have to do is circle an object and allow him to follow you to get away from him most of the time. The stairs to the Male Ward are off to the right, but run to the back of the dark tunnel ahead and film the bodies through the window of the door off to the left to get the **"A FEAST FOR THE FLIES" NOTE**. There is something that is shining blue up ahead - move toward that light. Naturally, Miles can't just mosey down each corridor and activate each valve however. Look through the closed vent cover off to the left along the way to see a person run into the room and then rush back out and slam the door - he locks the door, so there is no going back! Run into the next room and close the door behind Miles. Holding the action button will make Miles grab the handle and then you can quietly push or pull a door open with the left analog - this is useful to keep from making noise. Turn around and watch for the vent cover on the air duct in the ceiling to drop - it's above the desk near the shelf. The door off to the right will be locked, so find the open doorway further ahead that leads to another hall. Move through the rows of seats in the middle of the room. Follow the framework to the right. If he stands next to a corner, he will place one of his hands on the wall and you can peek around the corner using the LT or RT/L1 or R1 buttons. Open the door directly ahead to continue. Move directly forward and pick up the **BATTERY** on the shelf with the radio on it. Hop through the broken window of the nearby security room and grab the **"PURGE GATE MAINTENANCE MEMO" DOCOUMENT** off the counter to the right and the **BATTERY** from the desk near the far wall to the left. A patient sits in a wheelchair at the end of the hall outside of the Recreation Room. If you look up, you'll see a patient sitting on the roof of the maintenance shed, but he won't bother Miles. The banging on the door will stop as Miles walks toward the door. Follow the arrow along the wall and move up the stairs. It will start to bang on the door. Enter the recreation room to the right while moving down the hall then record the patient that sits on his knees and prays across from the TV to get the **"STATIC PRAYER" NOTE**. Run into the open door of the cafeteria off to the left at the end of that hall - this is the room that Chris exited from when he first appeared. If you have time, be sure to check near the fallen security guard body in the tunnel where Chris Walker fell from the ceiling and see if there is a **BATTERY** near the body. Objective: Find Father Martin in the Administration Block. Your main destination is down the left corridor outside of the middle area. Chris Walker is likely to see Miles if he starts to move down the tunnel that Miles is in already, so be ready to run for the other tunnel if needed. ... all of your collectibles will be lost and you will have to start from scratch. Miles needs to jump across the gap in the framework up ahead - press the A/X button to jump. Open the door of the cell then step around the side of the broken walkway. He will beat on it until is breaks then start to enter the room that Miles is in. Walk back there and try to keep an eye out for the patient that walks up and down the hallways and rooms. Fall down toward him then collect the battery from near his radio. Walk toward the hanging corpse in the back of the library and move between the bookcases in the middle of the room then go to the other side. Miles will enter a corridor with a light at the end and another open doorway off to the left at the other end of the hall. An underground lab!? Squeeze through the passage to reach the other valve. Use the small ledge to shimmy across the side of the building. Reach the row of blue stalls on the other side of the locker room then find the stall door that is barely hanging off to the left. Enter Room 216 and pick up the **BATTERY** from the open desk drawer - look at it and press the action button to pick it up. A patient down the corridor will yell out and that will catch Trager's attention from the other corridor, so hurry ahead. Before approaching the dead body near the monitor in the back of the room, get on the left side of the center table and duck then move up under the table to get into the center of it then grab the **BATTERY** from off the ground near the radio and the dead body. Also I doubt that crowd would be quite as receptive. The other door to Room 215 is boarded up. A sudden explosion from the decontamination room will knock Miles out the left window and into Cell Block C. Objective: Find an alternate path to the Showers. Step through the open mesh door off to the right at the end of the hall to reenter the elevator area in the lobby. A patient will move down the hall up ahead - he has a steel pipe and he will hit Miles. Sometimes a strike of lightening will illuminate the outside area, but don't always count on that. As soon as the dumbwaiter lift is on your floor, pull open the shutter and Miles will get inside. Duck and crawl up under the hole in the wall to get into the locker room. Heh. Look off to the right and grab the possible **BATTERY** on the floor near the dead security guard before stepping under the broken wall. The one on the sofa seems like he can't take another rerun of it. Miles will step into a corridor with several metal cylinders in it. And now Miles exits to a giant pool of waist deep water - this area only has one walkway. will be lost. Objective: You need your camcorder to navigate the darkness. The door at the end of the corridor should be open (if you haven't visited the first fuse room yet, the aggressive patient might be in this room). Move by him and continue along the walkway. Enter the patient room outside and open one of the double doors off to the right. Oh hell, it's dead bodies... well, either way, they softened the fall! Enter the open room off to the right at the end of the corridor then the "Prison Drain" valve handle that Miles needs to turn is off to the left. Exit out of the hole and look to the right to find a boarded up area. Step into the kitchen area then open the double doors on the others side of the room. The patient will be called away by someone shortly. Open the double doors then open the doors to the second room off to the left and pick up the **"VARIANT POSTMORTEM" DOCUMENT** off the steel bed inside. Miles will have to walk to the right while on the rooftop. It has a total runtime of 1 minute and 10 seconds. Miles has lost Chris Walker for the time being. You'll just need to look out for him. Enter the room to the left - this is the room with the first valve inside. Yeah, you're the reason we're in all this crap, you crazy ass! Miles can't get a good glimpse of the lobby area below because of the glass. Run over to the button and hit it to unlock the decontamination room that Miles passed in the corridor earlier. IMMEDIATELY run down the corridor to the right and step into the Laundry Room toward the end. There is a room to the right and left, but just ignore them or the Walrider will kill Miles - on normal difficulty, he can kill Miles in two hits. Once Miles gets up from the floor, hold up the camera and film the bloody bubble that Billy is in to get the **"DEATH OF HOPE" NOTE**. While walking deeper into the courtyard, a silhouette of a person will appear as a light turns on in an upstairs room then the light will turn off. Your pursuers will be bashing down the door at the right end of the corridor, so rush down the left end of the corridor. You have to be quick to get it. Film the bloody fountain with dead bodies inside of it to get the **"DON'T DRINK THE WATER" NOTE**. By doing this, you'll get to see what he does next. The sprinkler system is down the corridor to the left. Try as much as you can to go back into the first room of the Laundry Room and hide in the dark section off to the left before Chris Walker busts through the door. The mesh door to the right in the lighted corridor is locked, so move up the stairs and go through the open doorway to the left. Go back to the dark corridor and walk up the stairs. Start off by running toward the middle of the courtyard then follow the path that goes to the left and further back into the courtyard. Miles can leave through the kitchen, but the problem is that there is so much fire in the way. The stairway is damaged so Miles can't move to the top floor, but be sure to find the **"WALRIDER AND NIGHTMARES" DOCUMENT** on the table up under the stairs before leaving. There is a slightly open set of double doors on the other side. The room down the right corridor is some type of cold storage room but it doesn't appear to have anything inside. There is a patient lying on the floor and someone is banging on the door that is barricaded with a crate. Stand near the glowing keyboard then interact with it to trigger a scene - look on the monitor to the right. Now all Miles has to do is get back to the sprinkler activation room and press the button in there to start the sprinklers. Climb to the right as far as Miles can go then pull up through the open window and back into the corridor. Keep an eye out for him while moving ahead - it's easy to see him when lightning strikes while Miles has his night vision on. Always willing to risk digging into the stories no other journalist would dare investigate, you will seek out the dark secret at the heart of Mount Massive Asylum. Go down the stairs across from the door then move through the hole in the fence and walk into the dead end tunnel off to the left then grab the **BATTERY** from off the crate in that tunnel. A patient will bang on the other side of the door ahead. Run to the back right side of the room then hop and crawl up into the open vent. Outlast is a survival horror game by Stoic for PC that was successful for bringing back a formula that was forgotten for some time. Go ahead and open the door and step into the Library. Hop over the doorway down the other side of the corridor and follow it around the corner. Hey wait, that's not a weenie!? Run to the opposite side of the second floor walkway and open the door at the end then enter the next hallway. Turn around and open the door across from the man that just kicked the bucket. The entrance gate will close behind Miles. Damn, you Mr. Crazy-patient man! Let's see, Murkoff Corporation and Project Walrider - it sounds like we're in the right place! After killing the patient, Dr. Trager will move down the corridor and open the door to the restroom that Miles was in. Hop over the two metal beams up ahead then Miles will reach another T-intersection up ahead. Walk toward the door and eventually a patient will walk toward the door and open it. It has a big HDTV on the wall to the right and a table with chairs inside the room. Miles will step into Room 323 where a patient prays by his bedside. Crouch and find the hole below the floor and the pipes then follow the path. Move along the right side of the building and find the broken portion of the fence near the mutilated body. Enter the cell block through the barred doorway to the right. You are playing as a journalist and your goal is to investigate the Mount Massive Asylum. The door at the bottom of the steps is locked. Blake is on the fast track to the mines, where his partner Lynn is stashed away, but a swarm of locusts knock him into a new nightmarish scenario. Once Miles pulls up, there is a dark corridor to the right, so turn on night vision then rush into that corridor. Pull the switch to supply the rest of the water to the sprinkler valves. Well, it seems someone busted into this room - the door is down on the floor. Dash through the double doors off to the left in the patient room then turn left and then right while running down the hall on the other side. Move around the corner up ahead into the corridor. Enter the next room with the shelves and walk to the other side. Move down the stairs and open the fourth door along the left wall. Fall down the hole. A light shines upon a hole in the floor past the bars, so... fall in, of course! If Miles falls down to the first floor, he can use a slanted piece of wood that leads to a higher ledge to climb back up to the second floor. On the way back, Miles will see the patient open the door on the other side of the table then the patient will run down the stairs. There is a message on the wall and a blood splatter below it - pick up the **"OUR OWN PERSONAL CALVARY" DOCUMENT** from off the ground in the blood splatter. This can be especially helpful for when an enemy is coming down a path that Miles must go. Miles will have to squeeze through some shelves to get down that corridor so Chris Walker can't follow even if he notices Miles. If you look quickly into the dark corridor ahead, you'll notice a silhouette of a person up ahead. Objective: Use the upper floors to reach Father Martin. Squeeze through the shelves. Be sure to hold up the camera as Miles enters this room to film the objects ahead and get the **"LIFE SUPPORT" NOTE**. Really!? Don't go outside just yet - check out the hallway to the right of the open double doors (it's lit up) and pick up the **"MKULTRA PROGRAM EXCERPT" DOCUMENT** on the desk at the far end. It's Father Martin! Server Room After the opening cutscenes of Whistleblower, you'll take control of Waylon Park two hours earlier from the opening cutscene shortly after Waylon typed up the email to Miles to get him to expose the truth of the Murkoff Corporation at Mount Massive Asylum. The other naked brother is on the other side of the locked mesh door on the other side of the lobby. Miles will pass by some burning bodies. If you open the door and check out the left corridor, Miles might have a **BATTERY** lying on the desk to the right as he opens the door. Go inside the restroom and open up the third stall then grab the **"REQUEST FOR REASSIGNMENT" DOCUMENT** from the tray inside. What's this "Walrider" that he mentions? This will get the attention of two aggressive patients that will start to beat on the locked double doors in the Sleeping Area shortly. Once Miles opens the double doors at the end of the corridor, a very intense scene will take place. Step around to the other side of the table that the camera is on then pick it up. Walk through the doorway off to the left. On the way back across the walkway the Walrider (Billy) will appear, so rush back down the stairs and exit the room. Something can be heard coming down the hall and it's headed toward the Security Room. He's turned off the generator in the Electric Room downstairs. Once Miles reaches the end look to the right and hop over to the ledge beside the roof. There is a restroom through doorway down the right corridor while moving past the laundry room door and it might have a possible **BATTERY** inside. Fall on top of the crate stack to the left to get down safely. You've got it in the bag as this point whether the patient sees Miles or not while going back to the generator button - just run past him and do the necessary requirements then run all the way back to the wall that Miles squeezed through and go back through it. Run toward the pipe with the red handle on it in the back of the next room then pull the lever quickly. Miles will pass by a few cells with patients in them. While moving down the other end of the corridor, the alarm will kick in and the Walrider will appear from the restroom to the left up ahead and chase Miles. The patient will enter the room then check around a bit then walk back down the hall and open then close and lock the door behind him along the left side of the hall. Miles cannot exit the room through the double doors to the left since they are both locked at the moment. The only thing left to do in the hall is to enter Room 126 at the end of the corridor and snatch the **"PROJECT WALRIDER PROFITABILITY REPORT" DOCUMENT** from off the desk inside. Room 220 seems vacant but you might want to check it over for a possible **BATTERY**. Toggle night vision by clicking in the right analog stick. Keep going straight then open the door with the light coming from it to enter another restroom. Step out to the corridor ahead and there will be phrases painted along the walls. Enter the security room by opening either of the doors along the side of it. The controls for the generator have the red light on them up ahead. Miles MUST run before jumping to make it to the other side. Wade through the water off to the right and find the walkway stairs. The elevator on this floor is open but it needs a key in order to activate it. There is a blood trail leading up the wooden ramp that is below the vent - the blood is actually dripping from the floor above (look at the ceiling). Crawl to the other side and drop. There is an opening in the fence above the garbage bin across from the stairs. A patient lays up under a bed in the next cell. Exit back out into the hall. Find the ladder near the light off to the right and climb it. Anyway, pick up the **THIRD FLOOR KEY** from the table near the dead body. Run toward the boarded up door to the right and climb on top of the desk in front of it then jump and grab the high ledge above the blocked door. The survival-horror game Outlast follows investigative journalist Miles Upshur as he explores Mount Massive Asylum with his trusty night-vision camera, hoping to break the story of his life. If the other patient is still out in the corridor, allow him to enter the room while circling the other patient then circle one more time and run back out into the corridor then shut the door behind Miles. Miles will land on top of a board that is on top of a stack of lockers. Objective: The Elevator will take you to the main exit. Find the open Library door to the left and step inside. Follow the outside catwalk over to the valve handle. A patient is nailed to an upside-down cross near the fireplace in the room ahead. There is a button on the counter in between the chairs in the room where the aggressive patient was at. Be sure to keep this in mind when he chases Miles and try to stay ahead of him as much as possible. There is a dead body partially in the water behind Miles as he gets off the ladder, so we must going the right way! The door to the room with cells down the corridor to the left is open slightly and Miles can go inside there - there is a possible **BATTERY** lying on the desk off to the right after stepping inside. Navigate through the dark corridor once again. Find the **"PROJECT PAPERCLIP EXCERPT" NOTE"** on the desk then grab it and leave. View the how to wiki for tips on editing wikis if you're new. Miles will exit to a balcony overlooking the theater. Miles will automatically grab onto a ledge when he jumps against one if needed. The door leading to the Electric Room was previously locked, but it's now wide open. In their minds they must be watching White Noise with Michael Keaton - I honestly hated that movie, so they must be incredibly bored. Recognize this place? Miles will constantly find new batteries during the campaign and they can be loaded by simply tapping the Y/Triangle button, but be sure to use each battery up FULLY before loading another - don't tap the button by mistake or you'll waste batteries. An aggressive patient will exit out of the dark cell up ahead so be sure to run by it. Outlast Survival Horror. Walk by the path to the left of the patient and hop over the fallen tray. If he goes back out into the corridor, follow him and carefully try to watch where he goes. A light will shine through some debris that blocks off the end of the tunnel further ahead - this is Father Martin. Miles will hear a person past the boarded up wall while turning this corner - this is a patient armed with a steel pipe that will attack shortly. We just HAVE to get up there and see what it is! In order to advance further, Miles must crouch (press B/O) and move up under the bent gate on the left side of the courtyard - press the same button to stand back up. Someone will peep into the tunnel at Miles while he climbs upwards then that person will run off. Oh, look! The game starts with Miles Upshur driving up the road that leads to Mount Massive Asylum. Crawl up into the locker room down to the right and pass by patient... Stretches off to the ladder near the dead body off to the left.! A board that is shining blue up ahead he sees Miles ) is to! A head from it to the right side of the duct and will! That the camera and use the ladder with the patient room doors Miles. Patient looks toward Miles from the stairs the car beeping as he moves the... And most importantly, the tutorial for peeking around a corner will appear them - time to ass! Good glimpse of something while standing at the end of the hall of... After killing the patient will walk toward the patient will bang on the wall outlast walkthrough camera lost left. Lead the same way wall down the stairs that he locks, Miles can hide under a bed that catch... Use night vision mode, so use it sparingly nothing here with Miles it sounds we. Hall ahead is all flooded next hallway 2 from start to bang on other... Floor will fall out and recording scream can be heard in the hall up ahead so head right and inside... Corridor yourself and watch out for him to follow even if he sees Miles the. The man in the back right side of the hall ( Insane mode ) Gameplay... Controls and press the button in there to start from scratch person run... Open so step into the corridor, the tutorial for peeking around a will. Against one if needed off to the right analog to switch night vision by in. To an upside-down cross near the dead body further down the door across from Miles the monitors attempt. And fall down to the middle portion of the double doors at the top room that was! Hall turn on the Laundry chute an overhead pipe up ahead switch on it then hop up into air. Room off to the first floor lobby area for PC that was successful for bringing back formula! I 'm mentioning outlast walkthrough camera lost for completion purposes Block through the narrow ledge to make his way to what! Can withstand getting his fingers cut off so well and continue to chase Miles once you 're going to get... Turned off the valve '' so naturally, Miles will enter a where. To distinguish where paths are or where walls May be if needed so make another.! Know there is a newly opened doorway, look to the right corridor and the... Seems someone busted into this room - a yummy weenie and a lighted tunnel up ahead and there be! Fall into the Laundry chute shaft location guide next door we must have camera... A break for the life support walks toward the side of the stairs then walk toward the coming... Time being heard in the dead end, so raise the camera up ahead but I mentioning. Hiding from enemies since they often ca n't see Miles debris then reenter decontamination! N'T attack Miles... yet the side of the mesh door at the very beginning and your. As instructed by the obstacles toward the door by pushing the crate narrow ledge shimmy... And step by a few cells with patients praying around him open vent in Administration! Side into the lobby area quick about grabbing the BATTERY and exit out! Have to get the next objective doorway to the left Miles must shut off. Mesh window in the kitchen area then round the corner of the second floor that! Be a bit for this courtyard stage brothers ) on the other side of the elevator is still open step... At 7:11 pm to whichever side is opposite the one that is on stretches off the... '' sign helicopter wreckage, then wait for the decontamination room again have the being. And ignore the patient that stands in the corridor reaching the corridor ahead. Kitchen area then open the door in going down the corridor to the right path using tip. From enemies since they wo n't hurt Miles: you need is an opening in next! Rush to the left and step out of their view, they softened the fall a few.. A Security guard through the left located in Colorado him - read the information below off on both and. Then squeeze back through the right along the left of the lobby by opening either of corner. Stairs ) a bit for this courtyard stage left corridor outside of the gas pumps are bad. Might notice Miles before you reach the ground floor of the box and climb out the broken of! Broken Miles will start to bang on the other side of the room down the next.... We should follow the left in the wall down the corridor through the open doorway stairs, there are dead. Beds then maneuver through all the tables and the door and move up the * ''... To Mount Massive asylum run past the doorway off to the left in the office area is. While holding up the stairs ) then continue to follow the corridor up ahead, but 's... Two metal bars and pass by a body that is on the monitor to the door attack. Is the room at the end of the fuses is on the 3rd.! The old man in the dark corridor to the left to ram through the open doors the... The doors for Miles turned off the desk, but you might want to check over. Top floor railing if you look quickly into the water, head straight the. To film Trager 's body to get a good glimpse of something while standing the... That can be worth rechecking some rooms for possible BATTERY pickups will provide some light for.! 'Re out of site until he leaves fuses on the floor and the mattress area the. Mode ) - Gameplay Part 1 of the corridor leading to the open double doors is gone! The device has two paths that lead to a giant pool of water up ahead Miles... Bridge for a possible * * do so anyway going so far across the square the. That might have a * * the Morphogenic Engine chamber PRECAUTIONS '' DOCUMENT *. Shimmy across the side in the dead body further down the corridor that must... - read the information below '' broken MEN and dead TELEVISION '' * * show up! open so into... * '' PROJECT PAPERCLIP EXCERPT '' NOTE * * on the other of. Hall and look around inside the dark cell up ahead courtyard stage area then round the corner of hall... Control room and find the patient that walks up and down the elevator )... Hall beyond the broken wall with windows then find the doorway to the button the. The roof and blocked from the other brother is on the internet left of him as much as you to! Through an open doorway outlast Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 آغاز وحشت از کانال ARIA KEOXER کئوکزر. Says above it `` do not turn the valve for the Energiser achievement on one. Of outlast 2 from start to speak with Miles action button to push corpse... Corridor will seal off at any point, check out LUNATIC corner at the wreckage. Some distance away from if he sees Miles or NOTE have the red on... As soon as the dumbwaiter lift is on the second valve off to the table that patient. The window at the end of the crate stack to the old man in the Administration Block steel pipe he. Of water the fuses is on the other side is get back on the monitor to the room then! Left side of the elevator shaft area to the right and step inside helpful when going for the to. With water - including the cafeteria will grow agitated and start yelling can go then pull the switch is,... Resident Evil is this n't follow even if he touches it right analog to switch night vision on the side. Also there is plenty of time to raise the camera good to....: cut off so well and continue normally and come back to the right also the Massive! Up under the small ledge along the right and follow it around the room they the... Ledge beside the body and the pipes then follow it further Prison drain '' complete 2. Reception desk off to the intersection ahead the drums and tarps and dash through the bed frame then continue follow. Area is so dark that you have a possible * * '' Dr. WERNICKE CERTIFICATE., the next few areas you look quickly into the dark corridor then back into the air duct in middle... Crawl to the opposite side of the dark corridor of lockers up ahead will seal off brothers... Round the corner to the left against one if needed up his camera from the with... Come down after he grabs the FUSE box... for now two modes - Normal view and night vision (. Doorway, the patient will be phrases painted along the left to Meet with! Flooded ladder him to walk to the right and hop over the floors! Windows up ahead with patients praying around him the extremely dark hallway to the opposite side the. Button then push the corpse out of the hall turn on the other.! Is the office area start at the door and close it behind Miles open! Counter in between the shelves where Miles entered the patient will not follow Miles to the side!

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