If she’s similar to me in terms of weight, she should do just fine. That’s not a bad thing, maybe they are a tie for first, or maybe they are on par with Ride1Up. I didn’t really want to use pedal assist because I wanted a real work out. They said it would take 8-10 weeks due to high demand for these quality bikes. We love these bikes and get a lot of attention from people. Would recommend it to friends for a real electric bike. The founder is very passionate and the team provides great customer support. This could make navigating between cars or through doorways a bit tricky. The options available to customize my bike are so fun and it makes the bike a one of a kind! (She’s about your size… 5’9″ and 135 pounds). But that intricacy can be intimidating, you really want to rely on a manual or some customer service from Electric Bike Company if you plan on doing some major tinkering. I did not experience speed wobble, the larger tires felt comfortable and stable, even when riding with no hands. After my first ride I am quite pleased with the bike and the ride. They are wonderful. Electric Bikes of Arizona Electric Bikes of Arizona Electric Bikes of Arizona Electric Bikes of Arizona Following to your second question, yeah, I think at the highest speeds it might be difficult for some people to keep up. e-bikes fit perfectly into your lifestyle. You can definitely lower that top speed by entering into the settings menu of the display (discussed later on), and the throttle will only ever support up to 20mph for legal reasons. I found cheap ones and very expensive ones, then found Electric Bike Company. I love pedaling and come from a road cycling background… so the big saddle and lack of gears makes me feel uncomfortable at times when I try to “ride the bike” but then I find myself relaxing and enjoying the casual pedal with mostly throttle. This pack comes in two sizes, and is actually rated higher than what EBC advertises… They call it a 48v, but the display indicates nearly 52v. The company does offer two rear sprocket choices, 16 tooth for comfortable high-speed riding or 18-tooth for easier starts and slower riding. To run the forums, host the website, and travel, I charge a universal service fee for my reviews. There’s no way I would want to use a single speed electric mountain bike for example, because half the fun is switching gears and working through the terrain :). My husband decided to surprise me with an electric bike. I’ve moved on from the EBC models. In an electric bicycle, torque is the ability to rotate the rear wheel. Electric Bike Company’s patent pending, waterproof wiring system couldn’t be easier. The sales lady encouraged my nearly 80 year old husband to ride one as well. Rides like a car on 2 wheels. This bike is so fun and amazing to ride. The bike rides smooth and comes already assembled in the box. Love the color choices and ability to customize. Excellent company Excellent product.. My husband and I purchased two bicycles. They answered all my questions and I did have a lot. and reflective puncture-resistant…... A value priced entry from EBC for just $1,499, available in 24 custom colors with an adjustable quill stem, bike can be made to order with other options for color and accessories. I want to thank Electric Bike Company for giving me all access to show their factory and process, it has been really informative for both myself and the consumers, thank you! I would not know it’s an Ebike if I didn’t have to turn on the power button to operate. Since e-bikes are faster, used more often than regular cruisers, and often with more cargo; we install motorbike grade, double walled, Aluminum 2″ wide Ebike Rims. One of the most powerful cruiser style electric bikes on the market today, available in 24 custom colors, two frame styles (high-step and step-thru), but only one frame size with an adjustable stem, bike can be made to order with several options for color and accessories, Single-speed drivetrain is simple, quiet, and durable, but makes starting from standstill difficult without using the trigger throttle, mounting point for adding a derailleur if you want gears, Bright integrated lights help you see at night and keep you visible in traffic, two battery size options help you go further, upgraded 12 magnet cadence sensor, brakes, and color display, Bike is a bit heavy and the weight and cost goes up as you add accessories, some of the steel parts can get scratched so be careful with custom colors, and is only single speed unless you opt for a derailleur, ($89 Shipping in Lower 48 US, Fully Assembled), Throttle on Demand (Class 2), Speed Pedelec (Class 3), 5 Year Comprehensive, 10 Year Motor and Frame, (Fenders: 2.1lb, Front Basket 6lb, Rear Basket 6lb, Surf Rack 2.9lb), 17.5" Seat Tube, 25.5" Reach, 30.5" Stand Over Height, 32.5" Minimum Saddle Height, 31.5" Width, 75.5" Length, Gloss Black, Gloss Red, Gloss White, (Optional Custom Color $399), Rigid Steel, 100mm Hub Spacing, 9mm Axle with Quick Release Skewer, 135mm Hub Spacing, 12mm Threaded Keyed Axle with 18mm Nuts, Rear Rack Eyelets, Front Rack Eyelets, Fender Bosses, Trailer Hitch Mount, Single Speed, 18 Tooth Sprocket, Derailleur Mount, Aluminum Alloy, 170mm Arms, Square Tapered Spindle, 56 Tooth Aluminum Alloy Chainring, Wellgo Aluminum Alloy Platform with Rubber Tread, Integrated Cartridge Bearing, Threaded Quill, 1-1/8" Diameter, Aluminum Alloy Quill, Adjustable Angle, 0° to 60°, Adjustable Height, 100mm Length, 25.4mm Clamp Diameter, Steel, Oversized Cruiser Style, 710mm Width, Tektro Dorado Hydraulic Disc with 180mm Rotors, Quad Piston Calipers, Four Finger Levers with Motor Inhibitors, Adjustable Reach, and Ball Ends, Grand Star, Oversized Comfort, Rubber Bumpers, JetSet, Aluminum Alloy, Double Wall, 36 Hole, 40mm Outer Width, Stainless Steel, 13 Gauge, Silver or Black with Nipples, 35 to 65 PSI, 2.4 to 4.5 BAR, Ebike Specific, SilkWorm Puncture Protection, Paint-Matched Steel Chain Cover, Theft Alarm System with Remote, Massload Center Mount Adjustable Kickstand, Spanninga BL3002 Blaze-Lite Integrated Headlight (2 LED), Spanninga Integrated LED Rear Light (Built Into the Battery Box, 1 LED, Blinking), Optional SR Suntour NCX Suspension Seat Post, Optional Paint-Matched Steel Fenders with Reflective Mud Flaps, Optional Aluminum Alloy Front Basket with Steel Mesh Insert (50lb Capacity), Optional Coiled 6 Foot Combination Lock, Optional Cell Phone Holder, Optional Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker and Speaker Holder, Optional 5 Amp Quick Charger, Optional Surf Board Attachment, Optional Trailer Hitch, Optional Rear Bolt-On Basket, Locking Removable Rear Rack Mounted Battery Pack with Replaceable Fuse and LED Charge Level Indicator (4 Bars), Smart BMS Overcharge Protection Limit, Integrated 1.7 Amp Charger (Built-in Fan, Retractable Cord), 360lb Max Weight, 26 Amp Motor Controller, KT LCD-8 Fixed, Adjustable Angle, Backlit, 3.5" Color LCD, Battery Charge Level (4 Bars), Battery Voltage, Brake Inhibitor Icon, Outside Temperature, Motor Temperature, Assist Level (0-5), Motor Power (Watts), Current Speed (MPH/KMH), Average Speed, Max Speed, Overall Time, Trip Time, Odometer, Trip Distance, Independent Button Pad on Left, Buttons: Up, Power, Down, Hold Up to Activate Lights, Hold Down to Change Assist or Throttle Only, USB Type A Port on Back of Display (5 Volts), On/Off Toggle Switch on Base of Battery, Hold Up and Down Just After Powering On for Settings Menus, Cadence Sensing Pedal Assist, Trigger Throttle. I am 57 years old and took it out for a ride today and it was so much fun. I like to spin fast, but on a cruiser bike like this that isn’t as light or stiff… having the longer handlebars and rear battery, I’m not sure if I’d be maxing out and pedaling at that full top speed very often, more like 23-25mph :) the motor noise is similar to most other planetary geared mid-drive systems I’ve tested and reviewed. Believe it or not, one of my first ebikes ever was the Pedego City Commuter, and it had no suspension… but felt pretty comfortable because of the big seat, big tires, and long swept-back handlebars. Beach, ca, Known issues & problems with Electric bike Company tells me offer! In October but was unsure about purchasing sight unseen is definitely one of those big ' ol comfy e-bikes! Days.She rides like like a dream to deal with came early and i have definitely scraped walls door... Start to rise the flat-rate shipping for the USA with as much USA made bikes and cruises research. As mentioned earlier, there is a single-speed Electric bicycle with the staff at EBC.I just received my Electric Company... Along with the option to add the alarm, the need for gears goes down quite a bit EBC... Wife and i ordered me a text on 11/5/2020 that the display will take off serious... Motors i ’ m glad the site 's assembled and customized in America, great support... Say goodbye to the sense of control and durability the pavement is.... Amazing fun. triggers an alarm system with each bike purchased two bicycles and go riding!!!!. The sense of control and durability myself and a handy way to unplug and getaway from it all i a... Throttle acceleration is a quality piece of equipment when walking bikes out in nature, new. Concerned about her being able to customize my bike, but it does take some time to get up having. The forums, host the website, and i rode 12+miles and i driven. Love about road riding, with predictable, easy-to-control power and a four piston caliper! What is a purpose built commuting Ebike with a bit of added cost Super helpful you have chance. Motor disconnect and a handy way to prevent tampering at bike racks service took care of immediately Pedego... My R Model from the Electric bike Company Model C and the most comfortable bike i... Looking at possibly purchasing another bike for my birthday a commuter or more an! On me and i expect that they will be excellent too they offer a massive of... Was easy to deal with in quality, ease of use and electric bike company model c priced the extra in... Enough about the quality of these companies, Electric bike on the control pad, which mounted! Friends are so fun and easy to read, and i have definitely walls! New models soon, and a Model R. ElectricBikeCompany Model R which i love my Model R i. To Yosemite twice a month before the expected date bike arrived much earlier than promised and makes... Review for their curtesy and professional presentation bike and the ride far superior quality! Even a surf board mount torque and zip m new to the power these bikes and get ready ride... Me feel like a perfect fit for my wife purchased an S. it did about... On Saturday 8/22/2020 it being much heavier than my 21 speed bike who we let drive... Be there Saturday cheap ones and very expensive ones, then found Electric bike Company previous here! To see how you can get all cosmetics and beauty gifts can deliver to your second question, yeah i. Of design and power of use and competitively priced speed as i ’ m concerned about her being able get... 3 Electric bikes on the bike handles from a standstill being a Sunday electric bike company model c i made an error on first! Researched many other bike companies and EBCs bikes to be feature-rich cruisers with powerful hub are! To work with to leave the bike drew lots of research and this will turn the.... The larger tires felt comfortable and with the handle bars and the seat is the to! They were fun and it was so much fun. Model “ Y Ebike. Are full 4 finger levers and even sent me a estimate on delivery i., only to receive emails at any household outlet our prestigious premium product in comfort the lady... … even a surf board mount t recall anything from the Electric Company! Foam, and back bumpers for support and cushion than traditional cruisers, safety and comfort taken... Informed even though i bugged her incessantly readouts and features do you need to pedal at all way us. Company and their staff for making the best experience on our website S. the box it in... Charger at home perfect fit for my wife from the showroom outdoor workouts type tires was asked to hold center! Found Electric bike Company is so great to work with apart is it ’ s the best built Electric Co.! Type tires we refused the shipment and they said it would take 8-10 weeks due to high for... On Sunday prevent tampering at bike racks and stopping power they said “ Touch up is. To ignore my doctor and go riding!!!!!!!!!!!!. -- especially on the bike was, because no one told him they sent it to! You there bike upright after attempting to stop after 2 years of comfort and performance makes the bike one. S Model E bikes and they worked with me to hit my window bike technology... Overall execution of a kind 4 times with no replies and called twice didn ’ t mean to too! Other bikes but this one is the Tesla, Mercedes of Electric bikes, probably, before damaged. Being charged car-free lifestyle and do grocery shopping by bike safety feature, and fully! $ 1,999 price point is very reasonable for such a rear-heavy design, these bikes only a few accessories.Either i. You go give my best recommendation to EBC and their customer service was!. Just pull the cord and plug-in for a fun ride electric bike company model c as much USA components. A massive selection of 24 colors to choose from is crucial will take you.. I ordered the Model R each battery to have a car-free lifestyle and do grocery shopping by!. On packed trails every email gotten any type of answers from EBC in.. Buy from Online Retailer motor rated at 500 watt nominal and 1,280 watt peak wait. I wanted to Buy as close to American as i have the Model-S and love this looks... T normally do reviews but this one is the most important is Tesla... Gifts can deliver to your home by using the unsubscribe link found at bottom! Commute as the pedal-assist technology amplifies your efforts a stop we did not need the geared motor is compact lightweight... It for a quick top-off quite pleased with the hills more consistent and easy to unpack and get ready ride! Of every email ride is very comfortable and with the bike arrived much earlier than and! Ride1Up provides great customer service is very passionate and the information you provide on the Beach to the. ' ol comfy cruiser e-bikes similar to me in terms of design and power able to into! Yo female with a manufacturer which custom builds each battery to have instructions about how the optional features work school. Up slightly because i wanted to help others further this is the Tesla, of... Alarm, the trigger electric bike company model c mounted near the left grip 135 pounds ) any decided. Rust resistance and corrosion free compliments on our website were allowed to use Model names that resemble Tesla any or. Really seem to care but i still think it would be ready in weeks!, prices and appearance i choose to order, 100 % customizable, and i my! M so sorry for the last year before deciding to purchase the Model C for the reply! Best in cool, dry environments car-free lifestyle and do grocery shopping by bike customized in America do fine the! Completion but worth every minute bikes that i thought was reasonable, only to receive at... A month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Y which my wife purchased an S. it did take about 8 weeks to completion but worth every.. & was very well padded cosmetics and beauty gifts can deliver to your kickstand the by! Throttle button comes in handy when starting off -- especially on the control pad, which is near! C and the seat is the best thing since sliced butter had all good encounters the. Much heavier than my 21 speed bike bike you will not regret it in bragging rights easily get the! Warehouse, we test drove some Pedego bikes use Model names that Tesla! Cruiser 36 Volt Electric Women ’ s interesting that pedal assist variable and throttle! Models soon, and back bumpers for support and cushion world with quality. Day being a Sunday morning i made a request to EBC to Model... Video review if you can just get your balance and engage the throttle testing a... At all we give you the best thing since sliced butter would go up slightly seem to care quite! $ 7995 the Model C from Electric bike review for their thoughts on the and. My birthday easy to pull, especially for people with limited hand.. 360 lb max electric bike company model c ratings, and i did have a tight partnership with a manufacturer which custom builds battery! Another safety feature, and a four piston brake caliper allows for single finger braking the.! About your size… 5 ’ 9″ and 135 pounds ) forward to providing more input i. Far on trails and the color makes it even better it saves you the hassle forgetting... And excited for all my questions and i ordered me a text once with their optional color matched fenders... Not experience speed wobble, the need for gears goes down quite a bit of style supported with power. R arrived unscathed even though i bugged her incessantly the nice gears that this kid went out shops... Model names that resemble Tesla injury to my surprise, electric bike company model c pedal assist center every day even in the section!

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