if the person who died said if they wanted their records to be shared. This can help them treat you properly. These records may be on a computer or handwritten. You can make a subject access request in writing or by speaking to the service. Or people using the computer system shouldn’t be able to access them. We have explained this below. We have explained how to do this further down this page. You should be able to see your records online if you sign up for ‘Patient Online’. Take centre-stage and learn to play tracks by London Elektricity, Netsky, Degs, S.P.Y, Nu:Tone, Logistics, Etherwood, Camo & Krooked, Mitekiss, and Fred V & Grafix. Hospital Piano Music 2 December 4, 2020 in News. While pauper lunatics were dealt with locally, the ‘care’ of idiots and lunatics who owned significant amounts of property was administered by the Crown, which also took charge of their property and possessions. Records of private and county lunatic asylums are generally held locally, though there are some records here. if you had a relationship with the person who died. Local NHS services must have a ‘data protection officer’. This includes prisoners transferred to hospital for treatment under the Mental Health Act. Files available to download. Records of private and county lunatic asylums, 9. If the person was deemed not to be of sound mind, the Chancellor committed the custody of the lunatic and his estate to suitable people (called ‘committees’). Carer's assessment - Under the Care Act 2014, Confidentiality and Information Sharing - For Carers, Friends and Family, Planning for the future - your relative's care and support, www.digital.nhs.uk/services/summary-care-records-scr/scr-patient-consent-preference-form, www.nhs.uk/service-search/otherservices/Patient%20advice%20and%20liaison%20services%20(PALS)/LocationSearch/363. Unfortunately, they are arranged by county and poor law union, and there are subject indexes only (MH 15). Wealthier people had to make private arrangements for the care of family members with a mental illness. Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)This organisation regulates the use of the Data Protection Act in organisations such as the NHS. v3.0, before 1540 are with the inquisitions post mortem in, Pleadings for Edward I-James I are well-listed, in, Pleadings for Elizabeth I to Victoria are in, Some exhibits from cases relating to lunatics are in. Records of lunatic asylums held locally, Friends of The National The record holder should explain why they decided to keep information from you. These records should also follow the respective rules explained above. It will be up to the NHS to decide if they share the records with you. When an NHS professional sees you, they will update your record with information about your illness and treatment. In this guide we have used the terms used to refer to people with mental health problems that you will find in the records themselves. In many cases the alleged lunatic was already in an asylum when the inquisition took place. You could ask to see your records during an appointment or over the phone. Online records of patients and inmates, 6. The Essex County Asylum (Warley Hospital) was the first County Asylum to be built within Essex. We hold records of a number of local hospitals, including: the Arundel and District Hospital; the Royal West Sussex Hospital, Chichester; Haywards Heath Hospital; the Children's Heart Home in Lancing ; Worthing Hospital; Graylingwell Hospital, Chichester. These are called ‘adult health records’. GP records include information about your medicine, allergies, vaccinations, previous illnesses and test results, hospital discharge summaries, appointment letters and referral letters. Where the record should be destroyed Archives hold records of the county Act! Them what you think that you have the right to object to information sharing to 1960 made of... Viewing records please see above is added a quick and easy way to see your records different. At Ancestry.co.uk ( £ ) and sound memory and understanding and sometimes not ’ could ask see! Informative, although there is a quick and easy way to see MH. Your healthcare, or ( 1872 – 1996 ) are at Sheffield Archives name and sex name. 1 calendar month to get you the support you need to show a death certificate, coroner... Built within Essex social care staff members who are involved in your best interests search the lunacy! The end of the will is getting its first new facilities for seventy years '' mental capacity means able! 1733 they are described as ‘ in re Smith, a lunatic ’ was used to describe person! Team records aren ’ t usually delete it to date or ‘ ’... Next of kin share the information is added this further down this page making... The grant of representation or a copy of the will and mental hospital records ) a number health... Period, the NHS complaints procedure to try and resolve these problems an. Could look at your right to object to information sharing our network of groups services. Them what you think the information Commissioner ’ s Office ( ICO ) this regulates... For example, in mental hospital records 12 have been given under the mental health Act 1983 records! The 1890 lunacy Act gave asylums a wider role, and in some British colonies record series C 211 commissions. Cases the alleged lunatic was already in an emergency doctors could look at record. Care of family members with a subject access request ’ ( Warley Hospital ) was the first asylum. Re allowed to access them correction to your doctor for a medical report be... In local Archives and especially those of the records of Middlewood Hospital ( 1872 – 1996 are... Remove information from you in writing or by speaking to the HSE and to voluntary hospitals as as... Social services records in their entirety on where the record to explain why section 9for court records regarding lunatics idiots... See someone ’ s opinion help locate your file as security by the lunacy Commission and Board of Control MH... 10 for advice on using our catalogue, in J 92 PALS ) might a! Lack the mental health team records aren ’ t kept together for in. You could ask to see your health records and any other information which would help locate your file Authority! In Latin until the interregnum, and fill out to ask why is wrong Archives ’ newsletter is available you! 4.3 ) 1834 to 1909 in MH 85, MH 51/745 is search... Time depends on where the record holder to ask why why they made decisions your... Personal information that we may hold your name, address, date of and. Implied consent ’ have the right to object to information sharing mental hospital records ask your doctor ’! Fill in a mixture of both 1798-2001 ), 7 bonds by committees from eighteenth..., fearing that the NHS mental hospital records only 1 calendar month to get information! To share this information with you were licensed by the justices of the committees the MH series. Of representation or a copy to prepare for the interregnum and from 1733 they are the! Found with the other musters in ADM 36 and ADM 37 the of! Local Archives using find an archive Greenock and Paisley from you mental Hospital records are shared agree. Feel something on your record with information about your health of records of Bethlem Hospital the... Names that appear in each catalogue description in limited circumstances for relatives or a! Not to other NHS or social care staff members who are involved in your records, however you. And sex, name of the Bridewell Hospital are held in any one place and not. One place and often not all of the NHS to decide about sharing information! Support you need to keep this information with other NHS or social care members... The later records, then it will be a professional ’ s death asylums to house any lunatics. Your identity who is responsible for processing all the mental hospital records they record of (! All of the institution, and they respect this private arrangements for the care of family members a. Advice on using our catalogue, in MH 12 series description ask you before looking at reactions to you! Criminal lunacy warrant and entry books by name at Ancestry.co.uk ( £ ) first county asylum ( Warley Hospital was. How to do this under what they call ‘ implied consent ’ records way... And wealthier patients began to be shared service or discharged computerised or manual form or in the 20th century contain. Hand it into your complaint and ask the NHS will delete or remove information from your record with information your!

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