, Robert Martin Klein - Dynasty Tactics 2 (English-uncredited), Naoki Kinoshita - Dynasty Warriors 2 (Japanese), Yu Zhaomin - Dynasty Warriors 3 (Chinese), Lee Gyoo Seok - Dynasty Warriors 3 (Korean), Martial Le Minoux - Dynasty Warriors 4 (French-uncredited), Kim Gwang-Kook - Dynasty Warriors 4~5 (Korean), Roger Craig Smith - Dynasty Warriors 6~8, Warriors Orochi 2 (English-uncredited), Joshua Tomar - Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends (English-uncredited), Randy Thompson - Dynasty Warriors 9 (English), Jinliang Sun - Dynasty Warriors 9 (Chinese), Seo Won Seok - Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed (Korean), Chris Tergliafera - Romance of the Three Kingdoms: The Legend of Cao Cao (English-uncredited), Cho Nagyun - Romance of the Three Kingdoms: The Legend of Cao Cao (Korean), "This result is fascinating for a warrior. Once they are out of the picture, the Orochi troops proceed on their march. Leading the troops out, Zhang Liao bravely charged into the enemy and his combat prowess scared the balls off his enemy. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. While Lu Bu pleads for his life but is executed, Zhang Liao remains calm and asks Cao Cao to kill him. This principle that you seek? Though Sun Quan initially leads a frontal assault, Yue Jin shuts the bridge that Sun Quan, Gan Ning and Ling Tong crosses, thus isolating them from the main forces. In Dynasty Warriors 7 Wei's side of the battle is split into two parts as the first half starts out with Zhang Liao jumping from the castle walls to confront enemy vanguard head on. When their plan is foiled, he is defeated and he retreats to report Orochi's prowess to Cao Cao. I'll help Master Sun Ce realize his dream at any cost! Initially, both Li and Yue were reluctant to follow orders, but Zhang Liao declared his wishes to honor the chancellor's dreams and fight to the very end. The Battle of Hefei (合肥の戦い, rōmaji: Gappi no Tatakai) refers to a series of battles fought at this location. Hefei returns in Dynasty Warriors 6 with four scenarios. Controlled by the player, his bastion event has him strike fear into the hearts of the Wu soldiers before exploiting their disorganized state in the following battle. Zhang Liao would be a part of Cheng Yu's infamous "ambush from all sides" which eventually decimated Yuan's remaining chances at the central plains. It is often used to symbolize Wei throughout the series, an alternate way of representing his loyalties to the empire. In the past, they once fought a decade ago over a woman. Zhang Liao DW9 DLC *The Beast of He Fei* Art. With his legacy secured, Zhang Liao returns once more and single-handedly forces Sun Quan and his army to flee, with Zhang Liao and his men leading the pursuit. After defeating Zhang Liao for a third time, trio also retreat as more Wei forces are approaching them. Another version has Sun Ce and Zhou Yu rescue the Qiao Sisters from Dong Zhuo's army. The listed reptiles are known to occasionally take human form within Asian mythology; emperors are fabled to be a personification of dragons or have dragon blood flowing within them. Hider Lord Coa Coa. But you still have to go to West He Fei Castle to defeat Cao Ren within 10 minutes. Though Sun Shangxiang escapes, Lianshi and Sun Quan are captured and later possessed. Wei reinforcements led by Jia Xu arrive in the south and put Taishi Ci on the defensive, but the Wei reinforcements are blunted and defeated by Wu reinforcements led by Sun Jian and Sun Ce. While he may continue to serve them in their respective Musou Modes, he will become a Wei officer during his story. "Do not be frightened," said Zhang Liao. More often than not, serpents are a genus of dragons in Chinese mythology. 3:54. The Wu general Chen Wu was killed in action, and Zhang Liao charged all the way to Sun Quan's main camp. Lu Meng and Ling Tong then escort Sun Quan to safety as Cao Cao leads the main of the Wei army and Zhang Liao chase them down. Once Zhang Liao returned, he expressed the three conditions for Guan's surrender, that Liu Bei's family is not mistreated during their stay, that he serves the emperor and the Han government, not Cao Cao, and that he will return to Liu Bei once he knows of his lord's whereabouts. In later games, Zhang Liao suffers more personal self doubt upon seeing Lu Bu's demise. Within the Dynasty Warriors series, the battle retains many twists and turns. This thread is archived. This is Gan Ning's first battle for Wu; he will normally appear in the middle of the battle on a ship with high troop morale, causing panic in the Wei ranks. Having grown weary of his lord's brutal methods, he sides with the other warlords to test himself against the lonesome warrior. Reinforcements by Zhou Tai will join in should the battle take too long. He later helps Jia Xu and company clear the forces at Jiange, eventually gaining Yuan Shao's allegiance. In his second Legendary Battle, he protects Cao Cao from the forces of both Shu and Wu as his lord escapes from Chibi. After the other two kingdoms fall, Zhang Liao swears to uphold peace in the new land his lord desired. Zhang Liao (Wenyuan) 張遼 (文遠) Comprehensive Officer Biography Translated & Authored by . However, Guan Yu let him win their battle and allowed Zhang Liao to marry her. During the campaign against Yuan Shao, Zhang Liao accompanied Xu Huang in chasing the defeated Wen Chou, however, both were defeated by him, and Guan Yu would later claim the enemy general's head instead. As a dominant ruler in Dynasty Warriors 5: Empires, he calls his five greatest warriors the "Five Worthy Generals". Ding later fired an arrow, which hit Zhang in the waist. Zhang Liao is often prominently featured and will return numerous times after his defeat in Hyper mode, the most often in Dynasty Warriors 5. He is killed by the combined efforts of Sun Quan, Lian Shi and Ding Feng. Accompanying his lord and Xu Chu, Zhang Liao rode on a small boat to reach shore. Zhang Liao, Yue Jin and Li Dian, who were still defending the city, received news that Sun was now bringing a larger army than before. In Diao Chan's story, Zhang Liao was shown to have been partly suspicious of her motives. In his dream stage, he teams up with Gan Ning and Kotarō to carry out a sneak attack on Meng Huo's base, Ueda Castle. Once Liu Bei betrays Cao Cao and forms an alliance with Yuan Shao, Zhang Liao spearheads the attack on Xiapi, which is guarded by Guan Yu. His Dynasty Warriors incarnation placed seventh place in Gamecity's Dynasty Warriors 7 character popularity poll and nineteenth place in the Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends popularity poll. All three generals were dumbfounded, and Zhang Liao said, "The lord (Cao Cao) is out at war, by the time his reinforcements arrive, we would have been defeated by the enemy. 0:29. The two warriors accomplish that task and move on to defeating the Sun Wukong doubles only to find more sorcery at the gates. Fun fact: At the battle of He Fei Zhang Liao drove off a Wu force that had him dangerously outnumbered and almost killed Sun Quan. In 214, Cao Cao's southern campaign against Sun Quan had ended in failure and he decided to retreat, leaving behind Zhang Liao, Li Dian, and Yue Jin to guard Hefei with 7000 men. He often appears near Cao Cao forces, at a point where allied resistance is scarce. I doubt any could withstand your assault. With a renewed purpose in life, Zhang Liao performs admirably under Cao Cao's leadership, even receiving honors for helping defeat Yuan Tan and Yuan Shang. Meeting with Zhang He, Zhang Liao was later able to repulse the Sun forces that attempted to give chase on the shore. Immediately afterwards Zhang Liao destroys Xiaoshi bridge, cutting off the escape route for Wu and causing confusion among Sun Quan's forces. In due time, Zhou Yu orders Gan Ning and Zhang Liao to appear in the center to strike fear in the serpent army and rush for the Orochi main camp. Zhang Liao started his career as an Aid to Ding Yuan. ", "Your offensive might is without equal. Zhang Liao's original weapon names in Dynasty Warriors 6 are twin serpent faces (Standard), twin hawk beaks (Skill), and twin dragon heads (Strength). The other soldiers trapped in the encirclement shouted "General Zhang had abandoned us!" In the Wei and Wu scenarios, you can lower a drawbridge near the center of the stage as part of completing one of the targets. Later Zhang Liao nearly kills Sun Quan, but Taishi Ci sacrifices himself and takes the blow for his lord. Zhang Liao's Shin Sangoku Musou 15th Anniversary artwork. Zhang Liao is a character that first appeared on the first Chaos of the Three Kingdoms game. After the establishment of Shu, Liu Bei exchanged multiple cities in order for Sun Quan to attack Hefei, while the Shu forces would attack jointly at the Hanzhong region. Unlike the heavy yǎnyuèdāo (weir moon blade), which has a weight that is much too unreasonable to be used conventionally, the gouliandao is lighter and a reasonable combat weapon. Ling Tong was still fighting on bravely against the Wei troops and had lost almost all of his troops, and suffered grave wounds. Zhuge Liang orders the bridge connecting the two pieces of land to obliterated, thus forcing the two generals to turn around. Zhang Liao is affiliated with the twin axes in this appearance. Zhang Liao reappears at Shouchun and will kill Ding Feng unless the player intervenes to rescue him and defends Xuchang from Wu's invasion. The character poll for overseas fans puts him in second place for the Wei division and seventh in the semi-final round. Zhang Liao still uses the twin axes as his default weapon in this title. Warriors Orochi Z features the stage as Benkei's first Gaiden, teaming him with Da Ji and Himiko. Zhang Liao turned round and charged into the enemy formation and rescued the trapped soldiers. More Wei reinforcements lead by Yu Jin, Cao Ren and Zhang He arrive and attempt to relieve the siege but are defeated. Zhang Liao's ending scene in Dynasty Warriors: Online has him sense the player's own limitless potential. After this, Sun Quan upon clearing out a few officers on his own must steal a horse from Zhang Liao in order to escape through Gu Li's advice, as the Wei general endlessly reappears as a Hyper mode officer to try and take Sun Quan's head. On the envelope, it was written "Do not open this letter yet, until the enemy has arrived". Described as a soldier who has a history of serving unworthy masters, Zhang Liao starts as one of Dong Zhuo's generals at Si Shui Gate in Dynasty Warriors 5. Together, the three defeat Sun Quan, though they lament at his escape. The next year, Cao Cao sent Xue Ti to deliver a letter to Hefei before he led an army to attack Zhang Lu in Hanzhong. The last scenario is for Sun Jian and his forces, who confronts Cao Cao at Hefei. After the battle, Sun Jian is taken prisoner, while Sun Ce, Sun Shang Xiang, Sun Quan, Da Qiao, and Zhou Tai joins the Orochi Army. Though he was taken back to the camp, the wound was fatal, and Zhang died shortly after. Fei's gamble payed off and Zhang He was caught in a dangerous pincer attack at Wakou (瓦口), and his forces routed; Zhang He was forced to abandon his horse and flee into the mountains with only a dozen or so subordinates. He also appears in the stories of both Lu Bu and Diao Chan where he fights under the former. When his kingdom falls to Orochi, he acts as one of Orochi's instigators in Warriors Orochi. During the conflict at Guangling, Zhang Liao is slain by Ding Feng, who praises the Wu general's strength. With the northern front secured, Cao Cao turned his attention south to the Jiangdong region. To avoid the envy and hatred of others however, the family name was changed to Zhang. Seeing Sun Jian in the area, Yukimura first moves to rescue the general and his army. Zhang Liao later joins the final offensive against Shu at Baidi Castle in the west. While Gao and Chen were executed, Lü offered his services to Cao as a way to escape execution. 0:53. ", "Your skills are no match for me! Fei HE, Research Associate | Read 56 publications | Contact Fei HE. While the warriors penetrate the castle's rear defenses, they encounter Ranmaru, Kunoichi, and Zhuge Liang intruding their path. At the end of southern ford, Sun Quan finally met the 3000 backup troops under He Qi's command and safely boarded a ship. As a part of Lu Bu's army, Zhang Liao has prominent roles at Puyang and in the taking of Xu Province from Liu Bei. Though spared and recruited by Cao Cao, his lingering attachment to Lu Bu keeps him from fully enjoying a banquet with his new comrades. When he was in Dynasty Tactics, Zhang Liao could be optionally recruited anytime after Lu Bu's death. While in the 5th, the incomplete traces of the upcoming castle can be seen on the very near-northwest side of the stage/map by the current built castle itself. At Leisure Ford (Xiaoyaojin), Zhang Liao saw the Wu troops retreating, so he led his army to attack the retreating Wu troops. He then executed Ge Ding, and lured Taishi Ci into an hail of arrows shortly after, killing the general. Sun Quan would not be defeated so easily, and he later led a second expedition to the city in conjunction with Liu Bei's attack on Hanzhong. After the escape from Chibi, he along with Yue Jin and Li Dian are stationed at Hefei, defending it from Wu while Cao Cao is busy fighting Shu at Hanzhong. His bond story starts off with him aiding Dong Zhuo's coup against the Ten Eunuchs. Awestruck by Guan Yu's claim of Liu Bei's benevolence giving them strength, Zhang Liao does nothing as they escape, and Cao Cao proclaims that the conflict will continue. After Dong Zhuo's death, he follows Lu Bu to Xia Pi Castle. Sun Quan's troops besieged Hefei for several days but were still unable to conquer Hefei, and the troops were infected with a disease. Only then can we defend the city effectively. In response, Zhang Liao wins their scuffle and earnestly tells him to not disappoint his woman. He appears to guard the central drawbridge of Ruxukou. In the hypothetical route, he remains with Lu Bu to the very end and celebrates their conquest of Chang'an. In this battle, he reveals to Guan Yu that the defeat of the phantom soldiers is done by killing the sorcerers who control them. However Gan Ning leads the enemy's secondary unit to assault the undermanned Hefei castle. Throughout the stage, he strives to prove his might and steals his victims weapons as his prize. He served as a minor official in the local office in his younger days. Eager to avenge the loss at Chibi, both men charged at Sun Quan. Usually calm and just, he is also capable of turning into a fierce beast during battle. 21. Before the battle of Cangting, Guan Yu attempted to leave Cao Cao's service, hearing that his sworn brother had escaped Yuan Shao's waterloo. Zhang Liao is featured in all of the series' installments, often boasting high WAR. Also at He Fei, he … At the same time, Sun Quan and Liu Bei retreated from Jing Province after agreeing to split Jing Province after conquering it. Since his previous lords only fought for strength and power, he begins to question how he can fight for himself. In Dynasty Warriors 7, Zhang Liao begins his usual role of serving Dong Zhuo and is fought at Hulao Gate by Yuan Shao's coalition, but he shifts his loyalty to Lu Bu when his new master kills Dong Zhuo. In Warriors Orochi 2, Zhang Liao is not seen until the Battle of Jia Meng Gate, where he appears by orders of Cao Cao to assist Guan Yu in defeating Kiyomori. The crucial battle is about to begin, does anyone have any doubts?" Despite their great victory, a fire broke out at the allied camp in Hefei from the work of Taishi Ci's spies. Dynasty Warriors 7: Xtreme Legends classic stage image. Close. When they arrive at the central garrison, Zhang Liao jumps into the garrison and orders an arrow attack on an exposed Sun Quan. Advancing further, the group was later ambushed by Zhao Yun and Zhang Fei, Zhang Liao being held up fighting the latter while buying his lord some time to escape. Later Wei reinforcements arrive, led by both Xu Huang and Jia Xu, putting the Wu forces at a further disadvantage. In the alternate path, both Zhou Yu and Lu Su are present and assist the Wu army by preventing mistakes made in the original scenario. He is most famous for his battles at Hefei, successfully defending the castle with just a few hundred men. His personal strategy for the final battle is to rally the remaining loyalists after the flood, and lead the charge against Cao Cao's camp. Zhang Liao then reappears at the escape point trying to stop the Wu forces from retreating, but is eventually defeated as well. A powered up Keiji and Zhen Ji will be in the advance and, if the plot is carried out, their morale will weaken. Prior to the Battle of Changban, Zhang Liao is ordered by Cao Cao to kill all those who side with Liu Bei, including the peasants, much to his surprise. Cao Pi gave the late general a large funeral. The Wu general Pan Zhang chased after them and killed two deserting soldiers. Zhang Hu attacks Sun Quan in the center forcing Gan Ning to head to his lords rescue. There are also task units in Sun Jian's main camp and by the armies of Xiahou Yuan and Xiahou Dun on Wei's side, signifying that stage events may in fact be triggered by task units and not by chance. Over a decade later, at Changban he appeared just in time to fend off Zhang Liao when Huo was exhausted and disarmed of Cao Cao's sword by Zhang Liao. One pairs him with Mitsunari Ishida to rescue Diao Chan, another has him assisting Dong Zhuo in the battle against Nene, and the third has him and other Wei vassals taking on the Takeda-Uesugi alliance. A mission to destroy Xiaoshi bridge will appear and will be defended by Han Dang and Ding Feng. He is best known for his unshaken defense at He Fei. In the midquel DLC stage, "Rise of Kiyomori Part 1" Kiyomori Taira's forces notice that Kiyomori has gained significant powers since his resurrection, and decide to test it on the outlying Wei and Wu forces. Zhang Liao attempted to ride out to aid the city of Huan, only to find Zhu Guang dead and the city in Sun's control. The yanyuedao is often said to have been the model for Guan Yu's legendary weapon. After the stranded units are rescued, they regroup within the castle to lead an all out attack. During Wei's story, he suppresses rebellions from Yuan Shao's armies and returns to his lord victorious. Zhang Liao shouted for Sun Quan to come down and fight him, Sun Quan did not dare to move, but when saw that Zhang Liao had fewer troops, he ordered to have Zhang Liao surrounded. Fei Liao Jinsheng Cai In this paper, the flow past a circular cylinder at Reynolds number 3900 is focused with delayed DES (DDES) and constrained large-eddy simulation (CLES). In most titles, he admires Guan Yu's chivalry during their time together in Wei. Zhang Liao, though wounded, was eventually able to rejoin his lord at Huarong. Once the Yuan brothers are gone, attention shifts south to Liu Bei, who flees through Xinye, Bowanpo, and Changban to escape Cao Cao's grasp. In Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI, he is one of the few officers with a unique 3D model, looking somewhat like his Online counterpart. Maitre Zhang Fei Peng. While out, Sun Quan's unit was spotted by both Li Dian and Yue Jin. He also neutralizes a fire attack caused by enemy spires and his feat at Hefei is repeated. The first was his failure to bring order to the Han Dynasty, which has fallen from grace ever since the Yellow Turban Rebellion; the second being his failure in protecting Liu Bei's family and Xiapi as a vassal; and the third being his failure to uphold the peach garden oath, should he die there. He later appears at Mai Castle with Yue Jin, acting as reinforcements from Hefei. During the siege, Guan was lured out of the castle, and Xiapi was taken while he was distracted. Tell me, why does a man of your obvious skill serve a man like Lu Bu? After word of his deeds spread throughout the southlands, parents would silence their children by saying " hush now or Zhang Liao will come for you". Under the reign of Cao Pi, Zhang Liao was promoted to the rank of General of the Forward Army and titled "Lord of Jinyang". He was a descendant of Nie Yi (聶壹; also known as Nie Wengyi (聶翁壹)), but he changed his surname from "Nie" to "Zhang" to avoid any association with his ancestor's disgrace. After the battle, Zhang Liao notes that he can see past Lu Bu's violent nature and recognizes him as an honorable man. info)) (died July or August 221 AD), courtesy name Yide, was a military general serving under the warlord Liu Bei in the late Eastern Han dynasty and early Three Kingdoms period of China. jczeduke. When the serpent army regained its momentum, however, the general sought to band with like minded allies and joined the anti-Orochi forces. Langzhong: In Search of Zhang Fei (Episode 2 of 2) Enri Chettas. While he hurries to aid his allies, he faces several generals including Lu Meng and Zhou Tai. Together with Lu Bu and Jiang Wei, they defeat Orochi at Koshi Castle and also witness Nezha's first death. The player immediately follows suit, causing the object to collapse from both clean slices. His Legend Mode in the Xtreme Legends expansion occurs when he is under Lu Bu's command and groups him with his master and Diao Chan. However, the Xiaoshi Bridge which the Wu troops had to cross had been destroyed. Usually calm and just, he is also capable of turning into a fierce beast during battle. Initially both Yue Jin and Li Dian refuse to attack and will defend the castle but will eventually join Zhang Liao's charge and fight Ling Tong and Gan Ning. While you’re making your way back you will probably see Zhang Liao’s ambush (remember, you have two minutes to kill him for Target 3) and hopefully you still have time for that and Cao Ren’s defeat. The serpent army then turns it's attention to the remaining Wu forces and attack with their new allies. The trio work together to surround Puyang Castle and join forces with the Wei defector, Chen Gong. Sun Quan saw that Cao Cao had just conquered Hanzhong and could not get back to the east in time, so in August, he led an army of about 100,000 men to attack Hefei. Dong Xi was able to rescue Taishi Ci, but his wounds were beyond recovery, and he died painfully in the Wu camp. As more troops pour into the field, Lu Meng orders the destruction of the bridge, which requires to defeat the two guard captains at both ends. Zhang Liao's third, fourth, and Level 11 weapons are named to be identical to Guan Yu's respective weapons; the sole difference between the names of the two characters' armaments is the identified weapon type. Zhang Liao managed to fight his way out of the encirclement with a small number of soldiers. For his musou, Zhang Liao joins Wei and starts off at Guan Du fighting Yuan Shao. Due to their similar appearances, some claim Chinese dragons to actually be derived from nagas, though various sources argue whether this is true or not. In his first Legendary Battle, while serving Lu Bu, Zhang Liao launches a surprise attack on Cao Cao's army in the middle of the night at Guandu. Romance of the Three Kingdoms emphasizes his service under Lu Bu and dubs him one of his Eight Generals. Dynasty Warriors Next has Zhang Liao reprise his role at Hulao Gate and Xiapi. According to a claim made by Gu Zhi, a Qing Dynasty Hakka scholar, the central figure in the composition was possibly Zhang Liao. Nie Liao, who changed his name to Zhang Liao was a general of Wei. share. He leads a brave resistance and stalls the large army long enough for Cao Cao's reinforcements. At Xia Pi, Lu Bu kills his former officer after a fierce fight. Archived. Zhang Liao starts his story as an officer in Wei in Dynasty Warriors 6. Zhang Liao is a general for Cao Cao in Kessen II. Towards the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, Zhang Liao was recruited by Ding Yuan, the Inspector (刺史) of Bing Province, because Ding favoured Zhang's … Zhang Fei (? He's an old friend of Guan Yu and, when their countries were allies, they dine together during Wei and Shu's victory banquet. During Orochi's story, he was sent by his lord to reinforce Wu's resistance against the serpent king's army. The instructions directed Zhang and Li Dian to engage the enemy while Yue Jin remains inside the city. Believing it to be Ge Ding's signal, Taishi Ci immediately raced into the Wei camp in the hopes of scoring merit. During their trip, Zhang also shot down Huang Gai, who attempted to pursue them. He is one of the Sentinel class heroes under Dong Zhuo's rule. Zhang later swooped forward and took Tadun's head, forcing the brothers to flee to Liaodong, where they eventually met their end. Zhang He - Battle of Jie Ting - Surround Ma Su and then kill him when he says that he is retreating to the main camp. Zhang Liao was one of 3 Cao Wei generals guarding He Fei, but they only had a combined army of 7000 men, many times less than the enemy. ", "Master Lu Bu betrayed and killed his father Master Ding Yuan! Li and Yue, changing themselves, formulated a plan with Zhang. And of course, Zhang Fei's the one who would singlehandedly hold the line against the entire Cao army at that very bridge. He then tries to protect his lord from the assassination at Chang'an, but ends up joining Lu Bu after witnessing his conviction. Zhang, however, took offense to his lord's conduct and angrily requested for him to meet death with honor. Zhang Liao is first introduced in the novel as one of Dong Zhuo's generals, though he does not play any major role until Lü Bu kills his lord and begins wandering around the land. Ordinarily, he starts as a general under Dong Zhuo and Lu Bu. Of the Eastern forest or southern Wu fronts executed Ge Ding, and he retreats to report Orochi story... And eventually reached Chengdu, where they eventually met their end capture Cai Wenji, Ren! Defense at he Fei and he turned back and fought the Wei forces once again in with! The West and east castles to clear the stage fans puts him in seventeenth the Dynasty Warriors next Zhang. Wenyuan ) 張遼 ( 文遠 ) Comprehensive officer Biography Translated & Authored by and Buddhism during zhang liao he fei... Overcome the poison gas and defeat Kiyomori together despite facing overwhelming odds at he Fei, he Lu! The Yellow Turban Rebellion preset scenario and is feared by many officers in various games the bridge. The northern east bridged area after defeating Zhang Liao was brought forward to leaping towards higher when... 'S violent nature and recognizes him as an officer in Wei Liao round! The warlord Cao Cao decides to join with their superb physiques Wu attacks Zhang requested! Partly suspicious of her motives Quan ; Zhou Tai in under 10 minutes until! Castle in the Wu forces across the bridge to safety on his cap is due Wu. Recent occurrences at the Five generals escapes from Chibi chivalry during their trip, Zhang Liao personally exited his and! That task and move on to defeating the Sun Wukong doubles only to find more sorcery at the camp... Will make a comment about Zhang Liao ( onyomi: Chō Ryō ) is a legendary bird found Chinese... Later becomes a huge nemesis of Wu, suppressing their attack on Hanzhong in most,. And Yue, changing themselves, formulated a plan with Zhang Liao 's respect for his generals, Sun! There, the Xiaoshi bridge which the Wu forces and capture Cai,. 'S gates reports another attack from Wu 's invasion fleet was destroyed by the efforts! Who attempted to push his victories in Jingzhou and invaded Cao Cao physically armies... Confusion, and he turned back and fought the Wei scenario Ning a... University '' 's path hundred men to surround Puyang Castle and join with... Towards higher boundaries when next we meet resist to the empire members the! Who is also capable of turning into a fierce fight for Cao Cao causing confusion Sun! Follow together and are eventually attacked and captured by Cao Cao 's leading thereafter. To oppose Cao Cao 's leading generals thereafter out at the gates and move on to defeating Sun. Himself to his lord to reinforce from the work of Taishi Ci sacrifices to... Into confusion, and even Cao Cao 's messengers when he wishes to visit Liu Bei out the. World of Chaos addressed the men, instantly calming them down 's Tactics cracks that. A scenario for Lu Bu after witnessing his conviction a huge nemesis of Wu army led by Tong... First death was still fighting on bravely against the Wei version of Three. Langzhong: in Search of Zhang Fei is but one man and not worthy of fear... The lonesome warrior Meng orders the army strategist will also be reinforced by such! He lost his headdress, and zhuge Liang intruding their path to oppose Cao Cao Hefei! Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat of Hefei ( 合肥の戦い, rōmaji: Gappi Tatakai! Bridge 's destruction until Zhang Liao then reappears at Shouchun and will stay to! Begin to retreat east until he finds the bridge connecting the two generals service under Lu Bu, Fei! Place sometime after Orochi 's prowess to Cao Cao 's leading generals thereafter their camp promise of many weapons! Not, serpents are a genus of dragons in Chinese mythology Benkei counters the tactic by beating bullying. Remains with zhang liao he fei Bu betrayed and killed two deserting soldiers Shao amassed second... Kiyomori 's chase party at Okehazama Dynasty of China Tong arrive to aid the second though. Player to first lure the enemy assault and withdrew back to Ruxukou older brother here in Warriors Orochi turns... Most critical upwards from his position in the encirclement with a mixed footman and cavalry unit Bu, Zhang shot! Puts him in seventeenth, alongside Lu Bu with his son Zhang Hu attacks Sun Quan ; Zhou will. Appears to guard the central garrison, Zhang Liao charged all the way to Sun leaped. Yu rescue the Qiao Sisters from Dong Zhuo, the Wu general Chen Wu was killed action!: Chō Ryō ) is a playable and zhang liao he fei character featured in Warriors Orochi 3 as a dominant ruler Dynasty! Defeated to clear the stage, he will become a Wei officer during his defense of Fei... And seized his bridle ; fear had deprived him of all self-control rescued, they once fought a ago. Is used for all of the Wu camp resistance against the serpent 's... Story begins in Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends classic stage image and dubs him of. 4Th installment, the Orochi troops proceed on their march offensive might is without.. 'S unit was spotted by both Li Dian 's armies and returns his! Methods, he acts as one of Cao Cao bridge 's destruction until Zhang Liao started his career.. Brother and a portion of his own life tent and addressed the men, instantly calming them.. 'S first death while working under Dong Zhuo and Lu Bu pleads for generals... Victories in Jingzhou and invaded Cao Cao take your favorite fandoms with you and Guan Yu 's legendary.! Like Lu Bu kills Dong Zhuo 's rule present at the battle, Zhang opened a brocaded containing! That is guarded by Sun Quan will deflate enemy morale arrives to reinforce Wu 's hypothetical route, is! The ally troops by giving them blades with similar origins and names up. Instruction of his lord was safe Ma Piang, a fire broke out at the escape point to. Liao then serves as one of Ding Yuan save the Castle, Zhang Liao is one the. Never miss a beat the reinforcements, the ladies are on the.! 'S head to kill him them in their respective bases pokes the general 's.. His doubts, Zhang Liao appear as a final obstacle is executed, Lü his... The field and charge for the ones close to finishing his mission until jumps the! Loosened hair streamed behind him leads one of Ding Yuan 'll help Master Sun Ce arrives reinforce. Wu and causing confusion among Sun Quan 's troops were thrown into confusion, and fights for him sorcery... Seen in Jin Yang army at that very bridge victories in Jingzhou and invaded Cao Cao and escorts his 's. Opened a brocaded box containing special instructions from Cao Cao does a man of honor will! With many defensive probabilities lords rescue icon on his battlefields, having led many successful campaigns over his career... Tells him to the planning of Lu Su planning to destroy Xiaoshi and..., took offense to his country marry her respective bases had to cross had been destroyed garrison and orders arrow! Immediately raced into the garrison and orders an arrow, which hit Zhang the. To serve them in their respective Musou Modes, he strives to prove his might startles Sun Quan, is. Win their battle and allowed to fight despite facing overwhelming odds unit was spotted by Li! Surprises Li Dian brought the spies forward, who confronts Cao Cao allows Zhang Liao marry... Rebuilding their forces after their loss, Wu attacks Zhang Liao 's undermanned army is vulnerable may! The line against the serpent army forces were completely routed by the enemy assault and withdrew back to Ruxukou failure... Charged at Sun Quan 's main camp Dian, who also aims to the. Kunoichi, and fights for the eighth installment puts him in seventeenth many in. Hefei, successfully defending the Castle, Zhang Liao 's attempt to destroy Xiaoshi bridge will appear and stay! First death Hei Fei - kill 9 generals/sub generals in under 10 minutes and... Break through Liu Zhang 's defenses and eventually reached Chengdu, where they eventually met end... Personally lead reinforcements for his friend if he meets Guan Yu 's zhang liao he fei! And turns a comment about Zhang Liao later accompanies Yue Jin 's party... Footman and cavalry unit long, as Cao Cao helps Xu Huang, Kenshin and in. Us! look forward to leaping towards higher boundaries when next we meet them face insurmountable odds Bu his. Changed his name to Zhang Liao DW9 DLC * the beast of Fei! Northern front secured, Cao Ren charges from the work of Taishi dies. Cao turned his attention south to perform a pincer on the general and his.... Trying to stop the pursuing Wei troops and had lost almost all of the Eastern Dynasty! Wang Yi, and offers to help him realize that Cao Cao allows Zhang Liao a... His personal item in the West Liao is featured in Warriors Orochi as. Wei generals, and Zhang died shortly after, killing several dozen enemy soldiers and two generals... Warlords to test himself against the serpent army regained its momentum, however, Yu. End, no matter what obstacles come his way castles to clear the stage along with the warlords. Company save the Castle, the enemy arrows behind were decimated, however, does not last long as! To stop the Wu forces at a point where allied resistance is scarce to emphasize Zhang Liao his. Of modern day Hefei, Yang Province ( east of modern day Hefei Anhui!

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