Patron Silver is crystal clear, ultra premium tequila. You’ve probably heard about probiotics by now, but if not, probiotics are the healthy … For those who are just getting acquainted with tequila, it is widely available and has a more mild flavor than other brands. But in reality, Patron… Perfect for sipping or in your favorite cocktail, the spirit also features an elegant, smoky sweet finish. Patron is one of the biggest names in tequila, and seems to have been around forever. Each bottle is hand-labeled and inspected–over 60 hands touch every bottle of Patrón … Patrón Tequila Essential Facts . Patron… Tequila Patrón, the world’s largest selling super-premium tequila brand, took the world by storm with an absurdly expensive, 100% agave tequila in the 90's when gold, “mixto” tequila was … Patrón is created by the Patrón Spirits Company and is a leading tequila brand known for its exceptional quality. Patron tequila believes in perfecting the process as much as they can in making the results even better than before. Patrón . Big wood notes become prevalent during this time without overpowering the baked agave flavors that are uniquely Patrón. Patron Tequila uses Algerian font and black or white color for its wordmark. These tend to be low-end tequilas, most often used for shots or margaritas. Patrón tequila, introduced in 1989, uses Algerian for its main logo and elsewhere on its labels. Vodka is crafted in the finely and delicately made glass bottles of supreme quality, Patron tequila … To get the best tequila, you need the best juice. Patron tequila is made by fermenting the fruit of the blue agave plant. It is made from 100% Weber Blue Agave and is made using the ancient … It’s made using a handcrafted process unique to Patrón… Patrón helped to define premium tequila when it launched over a quarter century ago. The perfect ingredient in special margaritas or mixed cocktails, neat or on the rocks. John Paul DeJoria’s other huge success is his line of Paul Mitchell hair care products which he co-founded. My wife and I are not drinkers. Patron is the ultimate gateway to the world of Tequila. Mexico - 100% Blue Agave. Patron Reposado may be considered an intermediate-aged tequila, compared with the darker, more aged Patron … The world’s first ultra-premium tequila, Patrón Silver should be savored starting with the very first sip - from the delicate aroma of fruits and citrus to the sweet and smooth taste with a light pepper finish. The plant takes a long time to mature, taking nearly eight to ten years to reach the perfect level of ripeness. PATRON SILVER 50ml. Why does patron tequila go down so smooth, have really no buzz effect and no hangover after wards? It’s in songs, clubs, bars and was likely your first exposure to premium tequila. The spirit ‘sotol’ is exclusively produced by just a handful of … 100% Agave: As opposed to a mixto, a tequila … The three departures are Burdeos in Vivaldi, Ultimat Vodka in Inoxida and Trajan, and Citrónge in Quill … Patron … Crystal clear, pure ultra premium. Tequila is a distilled beverage made from the blue agave plant, primarily in the area surrounding the city of Tequila 65 km (40 mi) northwest of Guadalajara, and in the Jaliscan Highlands (Los Altos de Jalisco) of the central western Mexican state of Jalisco. It’s also free for employees to take home and use in their own gardens. Many prefer this smooth, soft and light tequila over an aged and slightly oaky flavor. Sip Patrón Añejo Tequila … It is this appreciation of, and commitment to, craftsmanship that has led PATRÓN Tequila to collaborate with Melbourne ceramicist, Tantri Mustika, to host a virtual PATRÓN Tequila ceramics masterclass … This light, fresh tequila is a favorite of tequila connoisseurs worldwide. And to get the best juice, … Smooth, soft, light tequila. Description Patrón on Alexa allows you to easily find and make tequila cocktails from the comfort of home. BRAND. It's all about the agave. It’s probiotic. The best is completely subjective to the personal taste. We drink once in awhile. Patrón was the first ultra-premium tequila and remains one of the world’s best-selling spirits. Patrón Silver is everywhere. For this reason, Patron … Update: I thank everybody for their answers but I need to clarify something. Patrón is a popular tequila brand, and their Silver Tequila is one of the hottest spirits on the market that can be found in almost every bar and liquor store.While many tequila aficionados discredit it and there are, admittedly, many tequilas that outrank it in quality and flavor, Patrón Silver is the perfect introductory tequila. When it comes to patron … It has been described by experts as a tequila which is smooth and easy to drink. Is here where Patrón … These additives can also … Patrón tequila is considered ultra premium tequila, which makes it one of the most expensive spirits you can buy. For those who appreciate tequila, it is a well made, if slightly pricey product. We recently purchased the Patron … Mexico- Patron Estate Release is an ultra-premium, limited edition silver tequila crafted entirely at the Hacienda Patron Estate. Varieties include a tequila-coffee blend known as Patrón XO Cafe, a tequila-chocolate-coffee blend known as Patrón XO Cafe Dark Cocoa, and an orange liqueur known as Patrón Citrónge. Patrón uses this compost to grow produce in its garden, which is used to feed Hacienda visitors and employees. Patron is the second biggest name in Tequila… According to one of the versions, the symbol of Patron Tequila is a bee, and this symbol was used because of the strong attraction of bees to the blue agave plant. Tequila made from 100 percent agave doesn’t have the many common additives that other varieties may include, like caramel coloring and grain alcohols. Mixto: A tequila made using the minimum 51 percent blue agave sugars, supplemented by other sugars, particularly cane sugar. Begin using the skill by saying “Alexa, ask Patrón” followed by a cocktail request based on … Patron Reposado is aged for more than two months in oak barrels, unlike Patron Silver, which does not undergo an aging process. Hacienda Patrón, is a property of Tequila Patrón, and is an impressive place in which Patrón has 12 distilleries and La Casona, a petite guest house inside the Hacienda located in the Highlands (Los Altos) of Jalisco. When you are asking questions about wine and liquor and you ask what is the "best" of something, you are asking a loaded question. Also, if a smaller neighboring tequila distillery drops off a truckload of agave fiber, Patrón … It’s surprising to discover, then, that in 2019 it will only be celebrating its 30th anniversary – a baby compared to some tequila … Light, fresh tequila is a favorite of connoisseurs worldwide. Patron kicked off the premium tequila movement, so it's no surprise that the brand is now offering one of the most expensive and aged extra añejos on the market. Hacienda de Chihuahua sotol añejo. Patrón is the biggest selling ultra-premium tequila in the US. So easy to drink that Patrón has been noted as being able to “turn anyone onto tequila”.

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